Friday, September 26, 2014

Week 2 at the MTC

Dear Family and Friends,
 Glad to hear everything is going well back home because things are
going awesome over here.  I never would have thought that missionary
training could be so enjoyable.  Granted, it still is difficult
trying to learn a language and how to be an effective teacher all
within 40 days, but I have had some amazing experiences this week.
 Today we just got a new batch of missionaries coming in so I'm excited
to meet them.  It's really hard to believe that our class is
already mid-batch and we only have a little over 3 weeks left.  I'm
also getting excited because the Provo missionaries that are
serving here in the Phillipines, come here for 5 days after they arrive
and go out into the field with the senior batch from the MTC and
I got to see the list of who was coming and Brockton Olsen (one of my
friends/co-worker) is coming in this batch.  So it will be nice to
say Hello/Goodbye before he heads out into the field. 
 I have also been trying to find ways to make the rice a little more enjoyable. My labors have been fruitful. I have found that if I mix the rice in
with the soup or vegatables, it makes it a bit more enjoyable rather
than just trying to inhale it as fast as you can as a filler. 
 I have also been able to see a lot of the blessing the Lord has given me
while I'm here.  I was a bit stressed when they first assigned me as a
district leader, but I have seen that he has been mindful of me and put
me over probably the best group here.  We have all come to know each
other very well and we all are focused on our purpose and have
continued to strive to be better.  Along with our district, my
companions have been awesome as well.  In fact just yesterday in a
meeting with an investigator, we were teaching him about the
restoration and the Book of Mormon.  Although he had already committed
to baptism, this visit he showed a lot of concern that he may be
called off for active duty in the navy and would not be able to be
baptized.  With that Elder Wood talked about Joseph Smith's first
vision, and told the investigator that if you pray with a sincere
heart as he did, I know you will receive an answer.  So in the middle
of the lesson we all knelt down and he offered an amazing prayer and
asked to get an answer about what he should do about his predicament.
We then asked how he felt after the prayer and he said he could feel
something, but he couldn't discern the answer.  So then I testified of
the Book of Mormon and how we can also find answers there, and
although they may not be the answer that you want it will be the
answer that you need.  After I hadn't really noticed, but I looked up
and the investigator was tearing up, and both of my companions were
trying to hold back tears, and so then I had to struggle to maintain
my cool, and then at the end of the lesson the investigator offered
the closing prayer and after that there was no holding back the tears
that came, and he looked at me and said he would read the book, and
that he now knew that no matter what happened next, things would work
out.  So that was my highlight for the week.  Never before had I
realized just how much power the spirit has. I can't even remember the
last time I had sincerely cried and it was awesome to see the amazing
things that can happen if we will just listen to the promptings of the
I'm glad to hear that you are all doing great and I'm excited
to see all the changes when I get back, but I'm also very excited to
be here and to be able to really see just how much the gospel can help
Love Elder Campbell 

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