Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kumusta family and friends!

I'm glad to hear things are going good back home, and I continue to be jealous of the temperatures there.  I know I'm going to struggle not having snow during what should be winter for me, but I'll dream of it.  

Last Wednesday I entered the mission field and I am serving in the Malolos area which is about a 2-3 hour drive from Quezon City, so sadly I don't get any Temple P-days here =(, but the people are amazing here and the sights are beautiful.  The Malolos area is a province and as such has a bit of farm land as well as a decent size city (Could be comparable to Boise).  So on the drive here I had flash backs of home with all the fields that I saw, although they were rice fields so not quite home haha.  My new companion is Elder Pagilagan from Kavite in the Philippines and he has been awesome at helping my to get my feet wet in the work.  Although he struggles a bit with English, but I guess that is a good thing to help my try to pick of the language faster.  The work is really progressing here in the Malolos area, in fact I've already had my first baptism!  Although Elder Pagilagan had already taught him most of the lessons prior, he was kind enough to let me baptize Brother Nicanor.  I also was able to extend a baptismal invitation to another brother and he agreed to be baptized on Nov. 15th, but I think I'll let Elder Pagilagan take this one.  We have also been able to find 13 new investigators this week, and It's hard to explain the joy that I receive when we find new investigators.  Just by looking in their eyes I can see a change when the spirit starts working on them.  It was also awesome to see a Less Active we were teaching and to see the Light of Christ be kindled again after being away for almost 20 years.  It has really helped me to build my testimony, and to help my see the happiness the gospel brings to people.  We find people sitting on the street, not knowing what their purpose is in life, or where we came from, or what happens after this life, and when we make that first contact and their heart has been prepared, it is awesome to see that change. 

 The living standards here have been really humbling for me, even in our own apartment.  It has definitely helped me to be more grateful for a lot of things I took for granted at home.  For example my source of bathing is a bucket, which has been quite the adventure, but I'm getting the hang of it :).  I was also a little let down to here the Elder Oaks got called off to another area, but I will still get to hear from Elder Lynn G. Robbinns.  Also yes the Jeepneys are a bit odd, and yes Dad neither of us would fit in them comfortably, also another means of transportation is the Tricycle. (Google Philippines tricycles)  Also not a super comfortable way to travel especially for someone my size, but it is rather entertaining and has been quite and adventure to see how people live hear, that and it beats walking!

I hope everything continues to go well at home, and I wish you all the best, and I hope your week was just as awesome as mine was!

Love Elder Campbell

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