Sunday, November 2, 2014

All Saints Day

Hello Friends and Family!

I hope you are all doing well and your week was as good as mine!

This week as you all know was Halloween, so I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, and had lots of goodies.  Sadly they don't really do trick or treating here in the Philippines, and hardly anyone dresses up, besides a few kids with masks.  But while cleaning our apartment earlier this week one of my kabahay found a Batman mask, and so we all took turns being Missionary Batman for a few minutes in our apartment.  
The big event here is not Halloween, but All Saints Day which is the day after on Nov. 1st This holiday is kind of like Memorial day, but on steroids.  This day a lot of people go to the cemetery and have a party and hang out and remember their ancestors.  Coincidentally one of our investigators lived in an area where there is a fairly large cemetery and wanted us to come visit that day.  We first knew we were going to be in a mess when we tried to catch and jeepney to that part of town, and all of the ones going that direction were already packed, some even having people hanging on the sides.  Nevertheless we went on and my companion and I thought it might be a great opportunity to do some OYMing (Open Your Mouth) and give out some pass along cards on our way to the appointment.  But both of us were pretty naive, because although my companion is a native, he has never gone to a cemetery on All Saints Day. Upon arriving we found the entire street was packed with people, and there were shops and food stands set up all over the place.  So we readied our pass along cards and charged in.  Sadly we hopes and dreams of being like King Benjamin and converting thousands were dashed, when the hustle and bustle of people made it difficult to talk to anyone, most of the adults were drunk or in grief, and the kids were to busy playing with each other and eating food.  In the end we were able to talk to a few people and there were about 3 of them that seemed genuinely interested in our message, so it was not a complete failure, but was not what we were hoping for.
Besides that I have had a lot of other highlights for the week, but I'll just share one.  Thursday we were walking to our next appointment and as always we were talking to people along the way.  At one point we stopped by a little bread stand where 2 elderly couples were sitting and talking.  We told them we were from the church and we were also called Mormons, and one the one elderly brothers eyes lit up and said "Like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and Book of Mormon Mormons?" to which we replied "Of Course". We came to find out that he was taught by missionaries over 20 years ago in Cebu and loves listening to MOTAB, but was never baptized.  We then taught him again yesterday and he actually speaks fairly good english and has a fairly interesting background and has been taught be several other religions, but he said to us that many of them don't make sense to him, and that he has a hard time understanding the Bible, and why there is no longer revelation on the Earth.  We then explained that there is revelation on the Earth now, and that the Book of Mormon and the Bible go together and some parts of the Book of Mormon help to explain the Bible.  He also wished that someone would come up with a movie about the Bible, to which I pointed him to and the Bible videos.  After all this I began to see that Light of Christ being rekindled inside of him, and was very curious to find out more.  He then gave an awesome prayer at the end which I'll never forget.  So I am very excited to teach him.
Anywho my week has been great, and I hope you all enjoyed the Holiday, and I hope you all are doing well and my best wishes go out to you for the coming week.

Love you all
Elder Campbell

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