Sunday, November 9, 2014


Kumusta Friends and Family!

It has been another great week here in the Philippines, we just had the 1 year anniversary of Typhoon Haiyan a few days ago, and luckily there hasn't been another one... (knock on wood).  Well things have been going great here as my companion and I are getting ready for our second baptism this transfer! This time I actually helped to teach him, and it has been awesome to see the changes and the happiness that have been brought into his life as he has progressed.
We have also continued teaching the Brother who listens to Motab and he has been really fun and interesting to teach as he has been studying many other religions, even Islamic ones in order to seek for the truth.  He then told us a story about how someone had once told him that he can take old car batteries and dump out the acid and clean it with baking soda, and thing refill it with aluminum and distilled water in order to make an alkaline battery.  He then explained that he tried it the first time and it didn't work.  He then said he cursed the guy who told him that for several years.  A few years down the road there was another man who told him the same thing, and then described that there is a certain quantity of aluminum and water needed, and then it actually worked.  He then described how he then had to kick himself and apologize to the man who originally told him, as it was himself who was wrong.  He then related that to our teaching, and how the first missionaries may have been right and that we just need to teach him again.  So through our teaching this time we have been striving to teach by the spirit, as he has a lot of questions due to his knowledge of many other religions, and luckily I feel that it has been with us and our last discussion ended up leading to why there were so many religions on the earth and which of them is really true.  I found this rather humorous as the way he said it sounded almost exactly like the story of Joseph Smith.  So we told him about Joseph's question and how he found his answer through prayer.  He then marked the page, and we asked him if he would do the same.  Now the cliffhanger as we have yet to follow up after that visit, so this story is to be continued!

In other news I ate Balut for the first time (The fertilized chicken egg)!  In fact I actually ate two of them!  The taste actually wasn't too bad.  It wouldn't go on my list of favorite foods, but it wasn't bad.  I have a video of it, but sadly I cannot upload it, so I guess you will all have to wait until I'm back.  It has also been funny as the ward members found out and they say I am a true Filipino now, and that "my tongue has been loosened" and that I shall now be able to speak Tagalog like a native.  So far I'm not sure if there has been much of a difference, but who knows, maybe it takes time haha! My companion then reminded me of the show Nacho Libre where he eats the Eagle Egg, and the one guy says "Summon your Eagle Powers!" So my companion now says that all the time to me in which I reply "What do you think I'm doing!"

Well next week I'll make sure to upload pictures of the baptism and I hope this coming week goes great for all of you, and you guys are always in my prayers.
Elder Campbell

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