Monday, November 17, 2014

Jungle Adventure

Kumusta Ka friends and family!
Mabuhay from the Phillipines, where it's usually about 93 degress every day with 100% humidity, (I'm not sure if that will make you guys jealous or appreciate the colder weather, but I'm wishing for the latter haha).
It has been another great week here in the Malolos area and Elder Pagilagan and I have had a pretty interesting week.
For starters one of our investigators began researching Joseph Smith and either misunderstood or found some weird website, but from what I understood he believe Free Masons is some kind of Fraternity and that Joseph and his family, and Neil Armstrong and a bunch of other famous figures and himself are apart of this "Masonic Fraternity"  So my companion and I have been trying to clear that up and we have also had a good laugh about it.  Also we have been starting to find people that believe all the weird rumors about us like that we drink blood and a bunch of other weird things.  So it has been an interesting week trying to discuss these with people and try and clear them up, but at the end of the day I can't help but laugh sometimes of some of the rumors and misunderstandings out there.  And on the bright side, it does get some people interested to listen to our message rather than just giving them a pass along card and moving on. 
Sadly this week we were not able to have another baptism due to some complications with him getting married before his baptism, but we have been working with him, and are shooting for this week.  We are also excited that we have 3 more people that have committed to baptism for December, and we are hoping to have 7 in December which will make for an awesome Christmas both for us and for our investigators.
It has been a little weird to adjust to not having cold weather this time of year and to have my first Thanksgiving without actually having a Thanksgiving holiday here, and to have a Christmas without snow!  Luckily my Kabahay (roomates) tell me that there is a restaurant in the mall that has turkey, so I may have to stop in and grab a slice.  It has been rather funny though, because due to there being no Thanksgiving people have been preparing for Christmas since the End of October.  So I have already been seeing Christmas lights, and a Christmas trees set up in stores and houses and hearing music as well, (and I thought it was bad when they started right after Thanksgiving back home!)  But in the end it has been good, because it has been helping me and the people remember the real purpose of Christmas and to remember our Savior and all that He has done for us.
Today we had a Zone activity and we got to go hiking in the mountains and climb a river up to a cave and enjoy some fresh air away from the city.  We had a lot of fun and it was beautiful,  I'll try and attach some pictures, but I'm starting to run short on time so we'll see. (Also a picture of one of our Family Home Evening events)
I hope you all have a wonderful week and thanks for all the love and support
Love Elder Campbell

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