Sunday, November 23, 2014

Teaching by the Spirit.

Kumusta ka family!
There isn't a whole lot to report on this week, as I have had some 5 week follow up training back at the mission office which basically took up the whole day due to us being so far away from the office, and a bunch of other meetings and things as usual, so this week has been kind of slow, but my companion and I have been looking at our area book lately and realised we have only been focusing on 2 or 3 specific areas when there are 2 or 3 more areas we are responsible for.  We hadn't really gone there before due to it being so far away from the church house and we figured it would be hard to get people to come, but we are responsible for the people there so we decided to go check it out.  Before we left we were deciding what we were going to do or where to go to find people, since we did not know hardly anyone there.  We decided to pray about it during our planning and low and behold a scripture popped into my head when Nephi returned into the city of Jerusalem the third time to get the plates and he said "I was guided by the spirit not knowing before hand where I should go." So we decided we would try and follow Nephi's counsel.  So we went there and started asking people while we were OYMing (Open Your Mouth) if they knew any Mormons.  Most of them did not, but one we talked to pointed us to a house.  We went there and it was a less active member who was the mother of an RM, she then agreed to help show us around to some other less active members and some people who might be interested in the gospel.  In the end it turned out to be a pretty great experience, although most of the people we taught didn't come to church this past Sunday, we are hoping we atleast planted some seeds and can come back and continue teaching there.  Also another benefit of going there was the beautiful fields that we saw on the long walk to the town.  It was probably 2 1/2 miles down this long road through several fields to this little town, and I'll try and add some pictures of that along with some more from past weeks.  We also had fun yesterday teaching a less active member that we found while OYMing who had stumbled upon some anti-mormon literature on the internet several years ago and who had fallen away.  He has since then married and has 2 children who sat in on the lesson as we tried to clear up his questions and concerns about Joseph Smith being a real prophet, and while this was going on his wife was telling us the we only need the Bible for salvation.  Some of the questions they had at first seemed fairly difficult to answer, but it was a great testimony builder for me to rely on the spirit on what we should say, and just how important it is to have that companionship of the spirit, because we really are just instruments.  Meaning we cannot do anything on our own, but with that companionship we really can do some amazing things.  In the end we were able to resolve their concerns and to explain that we need both the Bible and the Book of Mormon as much as spaghetti noodles need sauce (Due to one of the favorite dishes here in the Philippines is spaghetti). Because the are both edible apart, but together, they are Mas-masaharap! (more delicious).
So even though this week has been kind of slow, it has still had its highlights.

Well I hope you all enjoy Thanksgiving this weekend, and be sure to eat some turkey and ham for me, as I'm not quite sure yet if I will be able to have any,  but if not ill just have to imagine my fish or chicken as turkey, and my rice as some mashed potatoes, haha! That is definitely one thing I have learned here is to be grateful for what I have now, and what I had back home.  Because even though I may not exactly be living in luxury, when compared to some of the people here, it might be considered luxury to them.  That and I also finished reading the book "Our Heritage" a few weeks ago, and Although I might have to walk all day in the heat and humidity, at least I don't have to walk through a frozen desert pushing a handcart.  So I am very grateful for what I have and especially for the opportunity to serve, and to help bring the blessings and the joy of the gospel to the people here.

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving week!
-Elder Campbell

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