Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

Well it was really nice to hear from you guys at Christmas, although I've learned my lesson for mothers day and for christmas next year that I'm going to try and stick with using a members computer, because that computer shop was kind of a pain in the butt.  Elder Collin that was sitting next to me at the time ended up skyping his family the next day using our neighbors laptop and just took it to our apartment next door and had a great chat and even gave a tour of life here in Malolos.  The computer shop was rather noisy, the internet wasn't fantastic, and I had a bunch of people hovering over my shoulder.  Well I guess I shouldn't complain, at least I got to see you guys and hear your voices a little, and see how things are going. 
Well this week has been rather exciting with New Years and all, as my area is close to the city of Bocaue where there is a big firework factory.  So things got pretty crazy last night with all the fireworks going off in the street and everyone bringing out big ol' speakers and blasting music.  Things really didn't quite down till about 2am, so we finally went to sleep around 2:30am.  This week I also had an exchange with Elder Haene who is from Australia and has been out a little over 6 months.  It was fun to have an english speaking companion for the day, although lessons were a little difficult as he is still working on the language as well, but it made for an interesting day.
One thing that I noticed I forgot to describe that Elder Collin pointed out to me was the lifestyle in the apartment, as his family got a good kick out of this.  So we have 3 water faucets in the house, and they are not safe for drinking, but one is in the kitchen for washing dishes and food, the other is in a little concrete room which is more or less the laundry room, but we don't have machines so we have to fill up a little plastic tub and throw our clothes and soap in there and scrub them by hand, although sometimes if we have some support left over we can take it down to a laundry shop and have them do it for us, or I've heard some areas the members are nice enough to do it.  and then the third is in the bathroom for bathing and wiping... yes that's right wiping.  For showering there is a 2 gallon bucket that you fill up under the faucet, and then a ladel that you use to pick up and dump on yourself for a shower.  Then for wiping you take that ladel and dump it down your crack and then use your other hand to splash it up in there.  It's taken a little while to get use to and get the correct technique, but when done correctly it works rather well.  Then you just have to make sure to either get your business done before you go out for the day, or at night when you get back, because it's a rather difficult to do when wearing proselyting clothes.  Well Elder Collin's family got a kick out of that, so I hope you do to, and now you have a much greater appreciation for some of the simple things back home haha.
Well I hope you all enjoy your New Years and this is Elder Campbell saying Hello from a year in the Future, and so far things are looking great for the coming year.
Love you guys,
-Elder Campbell

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