Monday, December 8, 2014

Report from inside typhoon Ruby

Mabuhay from the inside of Typhoon Ruby Family and Friends!

Well it's 12:30 Monday evening here and all is well.  Thank you for all the prayers and for the moment it appears they are paying off as we have yet to see a drop of rain in our area and anything more than a slight breeze, although the skyline does look pretty nasty.  So for now we are safe and sound here in the Northern part but I've been hearing that Visayas (Middle part of the Phillipines) is getting it pretty bad, so I'm praying for them.  Although it sounds like we won't be in the all clear till Thursday, but I can tell we are being looked out for and your prayers have definitely been answered.  So for now we are "Astig-Talaga!" or in other words we are awesome!
Well as far as the work goes things have been a little slow this week due to the new transfer as Monday was the transfer announcements and district meeting, Tuesday was then P-day, Wednesday my companion and I picked up Elder Barcon (one of our kabahay) as his new companion was sick and in the hospital for a few days, so for Wednesday, Thursday and part of Friday we were a Tri-some which I had experienced in the MTC but it was rather interesting to experience out in the field.  Saturday we were able to return to normal work, but we cut our day a little short in order to prepare for the coming storm as it was supposed to start hitting us that night, but it appeared to be just overcast that night as well as Sunday.  Today looks a pretty nasty but there has yet be be and rain or wind, so thank you again for your prayers.  
This week we have been traveling to some different areas and have been working with some of the members to try and find some of the many less active families here and try to resolve their concerns.  We have had great success with finding them and most of them wanted to return to church, but because they live fairly distant from the chapel, they have been having trouble coming up with the money every week to take a tricycle/jeepney to the chapel.  So we have been working with them and praying for them that they will be able to find a way and be able to feast spiritually at church.  Also we have been able to get another investigator to commit to baptism which should hopefully make 6 this transfer if all goes well, and I'll make sure to send pictures when they occur.  Also my prayer was answered to help me get into the Christmas spirit as the other night the temperature dropped to 73 degrees!  I had to laugh as my companion and I sat down for personal study and he was wrapped up in his blanket and a towel while I was trying to soak it all in (and yes 73 is rather cold here in the Philippines).
Thank you all again for the prayers, and I hope that you are all doing well in all that you do and that the coming week goes great for all of you, as I know my week is going to be fantastic.
Love you all
-Elder Campbell

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