Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Sweetest Experience on Earth!

Buhay pa Family,
Well from the monthly newsletter we are supposed to have a cold front with temperatures dropping to a whopping 84 degrees.... Burr!  But I guess a should be grateful for the break in the 90+ degree weather.  I also have made it through my first transfer starting tomorrow, which is why I'm writing Tuesday (Monday night for you) because yesterday we had transfer announcements.   Luckily because I'm still a trainee, I'm not eligible to move until the next transfer so I get to stay here in Malolos, Woo!  I'm feeling fairly blessed to be here, because based on what my companion has said Malolos has a good mix going for it, as other areas either have a lot of pollution, and finding investigators is more difficult, or in other areas there are a lot of squatters (really poor people), But here there is a good mix, and the members in our ward are awesome at helping with the work.
Well this week has been pretty awesome as "The windows of heaven have been opened and there has not been room enough to receive the blessings" as my companion and I keep saying, as usually we only have one dinner appointment per week, but this week we have had dinner almost ever other night, and we have found some investigators this week that seem really interested in our message, and we are hoping they will continue to progress.  Also  I got to experience what President Monson calls "The sweetest experience on Earth" which is acting on a prompting and finding out later it was an answer to someone's prayer.  One of our areas we are in charge of "Bangkal" is pretty far from the church house and so we haven't gone there in the past due to it being difficult to get people to attend church, but as we sat down to plan one night we started going through the area book and noticed there were some former investigators there.  At first we still didn't think we were going to go, but we kept feeling like we should probably drop in.  So as I wrote in my last letter "We went not knowing before hand wither we should go" and found a less active member who kind of guided us around.  Well this week we again stopped in and searched for some of the former investigators.  We ended up finding one this week, and within the first visit was exciting and willing to recommit to baptism!  Also we were prompted to OYM (open your mouth) to a certain sister working at a store a little ways outside of the Barangay (Village) after talking she directed us to her parents because her father had been visited by the missionaries before.  So after some searching we finally found their humble abode and began talking about how the gospel blesses families.  The mother of the family then opened up to us and began to cry of how she had been searching for something to help her family, as their family has been falling apart and they have been going through some financial struggles due to the father having 3 strokes.  So that first visit she accepted the invitation to be baptized and a desire to attend church.  So it has been a great opportunity for my companion and I to see that we should never give up on anyone, seeing the former investigators who previous missionaries had dropped, suddenly be excited and recommitted to baptism has helped to show me that "[The Lord] Will go before your face, and [He] will be on your left and on your right." So that even though we may not have been teaching them, they are still being prepared by the Lord.  Also the it is important to listen to those prompting although they may sometimes seem silly/impossible, such as going to Bangkal (clear out in the middle of nowhere far away from the chapel) because there are people who are in need of the gospel.  And I have to agree that it is an amazing feeling to be that answer to a prayer.

Well I hope the coming week goes great for all of you, and do me a favor and enjoy the snow for me, as I cannot. (Although I do keep trying to imagine when I look out to the mountains that they are snow capped, but then reality hits and I realize it's just a smokey mountain (look up Philippines smokey mountain)).
I hope you all enjoy your week, because I know I will mine
Love you all,
-Elder Campbell

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