Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year (Part II)

Merry Christmas and Happy New year everyone!
Well I hope you are all enjoying the cold weather for me, as I'm trying my best to enjoy the heat for you all.  My brain has had a little trouble going through Christmas and New Years and not having any snow!  I've felt like I've been stuck in a never ending summer since I got here, which you would think would be awesome, but I'm actually really missing the snow.
I have really enjoyed Christmas and New Years for the first time being a missionary,  there is something really awesome about being able to share the best gift of all during the Christmas season, which is the message of the gospel.  I even got taste a little bit of the Christmas spirit as we decided to turn our freezer and high and build of some frost which we then scraped out and made snowballs and had a little snowball fight.  New Years has also been rather entertaining as there is a firework factory in the city the neighbors the city that I'm serving in, and people go crazy with fireworks here.  Here everyone brings out their big speakers and blast music in the streets and shoot off fireworks right in the road.  It was then funny to watch as some people were still trying to drive home and are swerving to dodge all the fireworks.  They also make a pretty mean firecracker here they call "Goodbye Philippines" which is a firecracker the size of a small brick, (so more like a bomb) and shakes the ground pretty good when they go off.  All in all it was a pretty good experience and an exciting way to ring in the New Year.  Also you guys will receive this email still in 2014, so Hello from a year in the future (I know its corny, but I've been waiting to say that since I got here haha). 
This past week I had a pretty cool experience where my companion and were working with one of our ward missionaries and we passed by a little store and there was 120 pesos sitting on the ground (about 3 dollars)  The ward missionary then picked it up and was about to pocket it, but my companion told him that the blessing for returning it would be far greater than keeping it.  So we decided to ask the store owner if she had seen anyone drop it.  She then said it may have been a lady who was currently walking down the street, so we decided to catch up to her.  When we caught her, we discovered that it was indeed hers.  We then went on to tell her we were missionaries, and she said that one of her daughters was a member.  She then took us back to her house and we were able to reteach her and her daughter, her daughter having not attended church for 12 years, and they were able to regain a desire to come back to church.  It was very cool to see how a simple trial such as keeping or returning found money ended up being truly a much greater blessing for someone else.  It helped me to better realize the importance of choosing the right, and how through small and simple things are great things brought to pass.
Well I hope you are all enjoying the New Years festivities and doing well in all that you do.  I hope that the coming week and the coming year go great for you all.
Love you all
-Elder Campbell

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