Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Area

Hello Family!

Well my new area is pretty cool other than it stinks really bad as there are a lot of rivers that run through here and the people here have similar ideals to people in Egypt, and so all their sewage and trash and what ever else just gets tossed into the rivers and so they tend to stink a bit.  Also there are two extremes here, there is the downtown bayan (square) with a lot of traffic and markets and things, and on just outside of the one border of our area is the Philippines Arena, which my companion tells me is one of the biggest in the world (can't fact check him so you'll have to do that for me) and then on the other hand there is quite a little more jungle-lyish area which is kind of neat.  

As far as the companion goes, things are alright, luckily he has been fairly impressed with how well my Tagolog is for being 4 months in, and I've been doing my best to try to be friends, which has worked fairly well and we get along alright, but there are some things he does that are probably going to need to change.  One of which is his planning abilities which is rather weird for someone who has been out a little over a year, but we have a fairly large area and the past few days he has had us scheduled to go clear out to the boondocks, and then come clear back into town, and then go out to another far area, and etc. which just led to a lot of time wasted traveling as sometimes we would go to an appointment clear out in one area just to get punted (not be able to teach) and then travel to another area.  It also has ended up in us spending quite a bit of money in transportation.  Luckily I discussed with him Sunday that it would be a lot better if we could focus on one area and he seemed to agree after a while, so hopefully that will change in the coming week.  Also he doesn't have a very big drive to do any street contacting, so that will be next on the agenda.  My new kabahays (roomates) are pretty cool, Elder Johnson and Elder Bermoy, Elder Johnson is from Pocatello and we have seen each other before as he played football and did shot-put and discuss in track as well, although he graduated a year earlier.  We never talked to each other but I'm pretty sure I've seen him before.  I was talking with him about Elder Lugagay and he said that I'm one of the first foreigners that gets along with him decently.  Elder Johnson also said that one of Elder Lugagay's main problems is pride as he is the district leader in the area, and that has kind of gone to his head, so therefore he is kind of condescending to everyone else and thinks he knows everything.  But as I said we get along alright and hopefully as the weeks progress we will both progress and grow and improve ourselves as well.  

As far as the ward goes here, it's a lot smaller than Malolos, and we meet on the third floor of good sized apartment in town as the meeting house is being demolished and rebuilt for reasons I do not yet know.  

Other than that I'm doing alright, I'm a little down because I really enjoyed my last area, and it was kind of a surprise to leave there so early as most of the people that are still there or transferred out with me have been there anywhere from 4-8 months.  But like I said before I guess it's a good thing as I get to face a new challenge and grow a little more.  

Well I'm glad you guys enjoyed the long weekend snowmobiling, it looks like it was a blast.  It's also weird to think the the Junior High is not there anymore, and that they tore it down and hauled it away so quick!  That's also a pretty cool picture with Brayden catching some air!  Also whats the deal with Nicole not writing me anything? 

Well I hope you guys enjoy the coming week and keep up the good work at school.  Love you guys lots, and I'll talk to you next week.

(Attached is a picture of transfer day, the family sealing I attended, and a picture of my last zone at transfer annoucements.  and hopefully next week I'll have some pictures of my companion and the new area and what not.)

Elder Campbell

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