Monday, February 9, 2015

Kneeling prayers

Kumusta everyone!  Well I just thought I would say in advance, Happy Valentines Day, or Maligayang Araw ng Puso! (which literally translates to happy day of hearts) Well things have been going pretty well here in the Sta. Maria area.  My companion and I have been finding quite a few new people to teach, and I believe we have finally got a schedule going were we can actually visit all of our area (as the area is pretty dang big).
This week my companion and I have been pretty excited as we are working with 2 investigator families who have had a lot of questions and concerns about religion in general which we have been able to resolve and answer with the wonderful message of the Restoration.  They are now more than ever excited to continue to hear about our message, and the one family has accepted the invitation to be baptized!  So we are really hoping they continue to progress and that they are able to attend church to feel of the wonderful spirit there.
This week my companion and I have been trying to do more kneeling prayers in our lessons, as kneeling prayers are usually some what difficult here, as some people don't really have a floor, it's just dirt.  But with those that we can we have been using it, and it has been interesting to see how many more people have expressed that they can actually begin to feel and recognize the spirit when we do.  
Well I hope that the coming week finds you in good health and safety.  I hope you all enjoy the week, and keep up the good work in what ever you may be pursuing.  In closing I'll attach some pictures of my new area, and our last family home evening.

I love you all and wish you the best,
Elder Campbell

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