Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Trainer for a day.

Kumusta sa Inyo lahat!
(How are you all!)

I hope this email finds you healthy happy and well, and that school and work and whatever else you may be doing are going well as well.

Just another update from blazing heat from the Philippines.  We are entering the dry months here, and so it has been pretty hot lately, some days pushing 100 degrees, and its only supposed to go up from here.  Add in the 100% humidity and what do you have? A bunch of sweat drenched missionaries.  On the bright-side though, I'm getting pretty nice tan going on... that is the parts of skin that actually show whilst wearing a white shirt and tie, and the tan lines look fantastic too!

Well my companion and I have been pretty busy this past week with meetings and two companion exchanges and a service project and a bunch of other things this week, so we have been staying on our toes this week.  As a result I've had a lot of cool experiences this week and learned a ton!  So to spare the gigantic email, I'll just share one experience for now and save the rest.  So I had two companion exchanges this last week, one with Elder Biggs (one of our zone leaders) and Elder Roberts (One of the elders in our district).  The one with Elder Biggs was great and I learned a lot, and got to enjoy a day having a American companion, but the really cool one was with Elder Roberts.  Granted Elder Roberts is an American as well, but he is actually been assigned to one of the missions in India and has been out for a year.  But him and a few other elders from India came over here for a few transfers in order to renew their visas.  So it was really interesting to go on exchanges with him to hear some of his stories, and to also get to experience what it would be like to train a foreign companion, as he doesn't speak Tagalog.  I was a little concerned about how well I would managed before we started the exchange, but with a bit of prayer and faith in some of the promises found in the scriptures that you will know what to say when it is needed, and we were able to have a pretty successful day.  Much to Elder Roberts and aswell as my surprise there were only two lessons where the people had a hard time understanding my accent.  So all in all it was an awesome experience.

Well I hope you all have a great week this week, and wish you all the best of the luck in all the you do this coming week, and I hope you all have had a great February as we head into March.

Love you all,
Elder Campbell

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