Monday, February 2, 2015

Zone Conference week

Hello Family!

It's good to hear that everyone's doing well in school.  That is a bit odd to hear that snow is melting already in February! Also yes not being able to watch the Super Bowl has been a little bit of a bummer, but it sounds like it was an interesting game.  It's also very cool that you guys are planning on going down to Las Vegas for spring break, and Roatan for summer break.  In fact my kasama (companion) and I were talking the other day how it kind of stinks as there is a pretty big water park in our area, and then of course we are in the Philippines and there are some way cool snorkeling spots (if you can find the right spots that aren't polluted with trash) and being so close to all of them, but not being able go there.  Well, I'm not trying to murmur, but our Kabahays and us like to make jokes about going there.  

Well this week has been going a bit better for me.  We had zone conference and I learned a bit there, and had a pretty good time as my trainer who is now a ZL in the Baliwag zone was there and gave a workshop, as well as a few Elders from my MTC batch, so we talked, and caught up on how we were all doing.  This week Elder Lugagay and I have started teaching 3 new families, 2 of which already have someone to fellowship them, and so they have been progressing pretty good and we have been really excited about that.  Also I haven't gotten the address for my new apartment yet, but the complex is called Paseo Verde and it's in Guyong, Sta. Maria Bulakan.  So if you want to try looking it up on Google maps or whatever you can.  This apartment is quite a bit nicer than my last one, although this one is pretty dang small.  

So in short things are going a bit better this week, and with any luck, things should keep going up from here.
I hope you guys enjoy your week, keep up the good work, and may the force be with you,
Love you guys lots,
Elder Campbell

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