Monday, March 30, 2015

Baptism in Santa Maria!

Hello Family!

Well I'm glad you all made it to Las Vegas safe and sound and very glad to hear that Holly is doing better.  I can only imagine how bad those sores must hurt, so hopefully she is doing better and that the medicine doesn't make her grow a tail and start scrounging the house for cheese... haha. I hope you guys are enjoying your time down there and that every is able to enjoy and there aren't any more surprises.

Well things here are going decent.  We were able to baptize Brother Ortega this last Saturday and he was confirmed Sunday, there were a few little surprises that we had overcome, and it was a little sad that only one person showed up from the ward, but nevertheless he was baptized.  My companion was pretty excited as he hasn't had a baptism in the 6 months that he has been in Santa Maria, and now we've got one, and hopefully should have a few more a little ways down the road.  

It has been really surprising how fast this transfer has gone by as next Wednesday is transfer day, (which means my next email will be on Tuesday as Monday will be transfer announcements).  I think I still be staying here a bit longer, but a may be getting a new companion as my companion has been here 6 months now, and he thinks he'll be out, but I guess we'll find out for sure next Monday!

The work is still going pretty well here, we still have about 20 on track for baptism if they can just get their behinds to church... I have decent hope for about 3 out of the 20 the might be able to make it to baptism before I leave this area.  So hopefully they continue to progress, and hopefully we start getting a little more support from the ward here.  

Well I hope you guys are enjoying Vegas and enjoying the warmer weather.  I hope Holly continues to feel better, and I hope Brayden had a good Birthday and that Nicole's not to upset over the photo (I thought it was pretty dang cool).  I hope you guys are able to relax a little bit and enjoy yourselves as well.  

I'll attach some photos after this with a little description of each.

Love you guys lots, and I'll write next Tuesday,
Elder Campbell

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