Monday, March 23, 2015

Baptismal Interview

Hello Family!
  Well I guess that is good news to hear that Holly is home now, and hopefully things continue to improve and things go well this Tuesday.  Also hopefully things continue to improve so that everyone can enjoy their Spring Break and be able to make it down to Las Vegas, and also that every catches up on their sleep.  

Well this week one of our investigators had their baptismal interview and says he is ready to get for this coming Saturday, so I'll be sure to send some pictures of that when it happens.  Also we have been visiting his neighbor who him and his wife have both been listening and have accepted the invitation to be baptized as well and have been progressing fairly quickly.  So with any luck they won't be too far behind.  Also so far those other 25 are still somewhat progressing, although there are still a lot of them who haven't even come to church.  So hopefully that changes in the next few weeks.  Today for our P-day we had a zone activity and we went bowling.  So that was fairly entertaining and a good way to unwind a little.  

  Well I hope that Holly continues to get better and things go well with her, I hope Brayden enjoys his birthday, tell him I'll celebrate his birthday here by eating some more Balut.  Hopefully this week goes well for everyone.

Love you lots,
Elder Campbell

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