Monday, March 2, 2015

Less actives

Hello Family,

Well It's very good to hear that Nicole's ankle seems to be getting better and that you were able to spend time with family this week and listen to that regional conference.  It is also really cool to hear that you guys are planning to go to that Disney on Ice show, and yea it's weird to think that it's been that long since the last time we went.  

It's really good to hear that everyone is still trying to do good in school, and I'm cheering you on over here to get straight A's! Keep doing your best!  I'm also glad you guys had a chance to do a little genealogy work.  We have tried to implement that with some of our investigators and less actives here as well, but here in Sta. Maria it is a bit harder as the Family History Center is pretty far from here, and there are not a lot of people with their own personal computer here, so it can be a little difficult, but for those that are able to, it is very cool to see how excited some of them get to find out their ancestry.  

With the heat, yea I think I'm about the same, about the 3rd or 4th month I started feeling like I didn't need a straw to drink my air, and the heat isn't as bad, but even with the Filipinos it's still pretty hot.  It's pretty funny in fact as I usually pack my umbrella with me as sometimes we get random spurts of rain, but my companion and some of the members even ask to borrow it so they can shield themselves from the sun as they don't want to get "darker".  So they are kind of flip flopped from Americans, as most of us want to get that nice tan look, and over here they are trying to get as white as they can.  They even have whitening soap! So there have been a couple of times where I have inquired why they don't just pack their own umbrella, to which they always come up with some odd excuse.  So in the end I've just kind of accepted that that's how it's going to be, plus I don't mind getting a tan.

Well this week we had decent success in getting less actives to come to church, so thank you for your prayers.  In fact some of them even stood up and boar their testimonies which was interesting to see.  We also had a decent number of investigators show up to church, and so I'm hoping they were able to feel and recognize the spirit that was there.  

This week I got put into my 3rd trisome as Elder Johnson (my only american roomate) was stepped up to be a Zone Leader in a neighboring zone as the previous zone leader had an emergency transfer. We then got another roomate friday and things are back to normal other than I'm back to being the only foreigner in the apartment.  It was kind of a bummer having him leave, but I guess there may be a purpose behind it all.

Well I hope the coming week goes great for you guys, have fun at the Disney on Ice show, and I'll talk to you guys next Monday.

Love you lots,
Elder Campbell

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