Monday, March 16, 2015

Sacrifice brings blessings

Hello Family and Friends!

I apologize for not writing these past couple of weeks,  It has been a pretty busy time, and it seems like my time for email seems to keep getting shorter and shorter.  So I apologize but this may be a little short, but I'll give you a quick update.

Firstly I hope this email finds you all in good health and happy,  I hope that if things are great right now that they soon will be.

The area of Santa Maria has definitely provided a lot of unique challenges for me, but it has proven to be a great learning experience, and so it should be with a lot of challenges we face in life.

With any luck, this next Saturday we should have a baptism, and hopefully some more to follow not to longer after that.  I kind of had to laugh/cry with my companion the other night as we were sending numbers that we have so many people that have said they were willing the be baptized and some who have said that they feel that our message is true, but when we tell them that they have to do a little more than take 45 minutes out of their day to listen to a lesson, many of them flake out.  When the fact of the matter is, to gain a reward sometimes requires a bit of sacrifice.

This last week in our zone training meeting we learned a lot about receiving revelation and following the promptings of the spirit.  So as a result My companion and I have been striving to better discern those promptings and to act upon them, and the result has been many cool experiences.  Although I've still got a lot to learn on the matter, but at least there is improvement.

Well that pretty much wraps things up for this week, and I hope that everyone back home is doing okay and getting ready for spring or whatever season you guys are still in (sorry I lost track as it's basically summer here all the time haha).  I wish you all the best in all that you do.

Love you all,
Elder Campbell

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