Monday, April 27, 2015

Miracles can happen because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Hello Family,

  The weather here hasn't really changed much, it's stayed around 100 degrees pretty much all week, and doesn't look like it will change either this week.  We did have a decent rainstorm on Tuesday which helped cool things down for a little bit, but as soon as the sun came back out the heat shot back up and the humidity along with it.

   Along with the school year, this transfer ends on May 20th and so far the weeks have been flying by, at least for me.  It's weird to think that I'll have been gone for pretty much the whole school year.  Also with Mother's Day coming up I get another call as well, which is also weird as it seems like our Christmas call was just a few weeks ago.  It looks like May 10/11th I'll be able to call, so hopefully I can find a little better set up this time to skype.

   This week has been alright for Elder Terante and I.  Before the transfer started my mission president called and told me he wanted me to work him hard, we have had some success there, as he can barely make it through the door of the apartment before he flops on the couch and is asleep.   We've have also had some success with some of our less active members in helping them come back to church.  Although many of our investigators have been facing trials this week, but it has been great to see some of them begin to apply the principles of the gospel and to begin putting more trust in the Lord, and to see how their lives begin and continue to change.  There have been a few examples of that this week, but the one that stands out the most is Brother Marlon.  When we first met him, he came to church with one of his girlfriend who is a recent convert.  We talked to him and said that he was willing to listen to our message.  As we talked he opened up that in the past he was apart of a fairly large gang here in the Philippines, which explained the numerous earrings covering his face and scars up and down his arms.  We have been teaching him for a few weeks now, and he has continuously come to church even when his girlfriend can't attend.  We taught him after church the other day and gave him an assignment to read in the Book of Mormon.  He later sent a text to us that night that he had finished the assignment and was wondering if we could come back and teach him that night.  Since we first met, the earrings are now gone, the drugs have been tossed out, and he has really begun to "Hunger and Thirst after righteousness."  He still has a little ways to go, but it never ceases to amaze me just what miracles can happen because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

   Well I hope things continue get better in the coming week for you guys, and that every stays in good health, and arn't too swamped by things.

Love you lots,
Elder Campbell

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