Monday, April 13, 2015

New companion

Hello Family,

    Well it's still great to hear that Holly is still improving, and it sounds like that health share group isn't too bad! Hopefully the infusions go similarly.

   Also mom's new calling sounds like it should be a great experience, and hopefully it doesn't become too overbearing, but I think you'll do great.  It's also interesting to hear of all the changes happening in the ward.

   Well the whole senior companion thing is going alright so far, although it has indeed presented its fair share of challenges.  My new companion is a fairly nice guy, but it is sometimes a struggle to keep him focused during lessons and motivating him to work sometimes.  But so far things are going alright, and listening to conference this last Saturday and Sunday, I felt I received some inspiration and guidance on how to work with him better.

   Speaking of conference, I thought it was a really great one, and I definitely learned a lot and hopefully should be able to apply a lot of it to our teaching, especially with many of the talks being focused around families.  We were also pretty excited as a few less active families who haven't been to church in quite some time actually made the 2 hour jeep ride to the Stake Center to watch it.  It was good to see them there and talk to them afterwards about how they really felt uplifted.  

   Well as far as other news there hasn't been anything really super exciting other than conference and the transfer this past week, so I'll hopefully have more to report next week.

   Thank you for all the prayers and love,  I hope you all have a great week and that things continue to go well your way.

Love you lots,
Elder Campbell

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