Monday, May 4, 2015

The Keystone of our Religion.

Hello Family,
     Well I am sure you and Mom can relate, but time during a mission is the weirdest thing, every day can sometimes seem like a whole week, but a whole week only seems like a day...  So yes looking back on last week and previous week, time has flown!
     As for the skype call I guess that will probably work best like last time, Monday for me, Sunday for you guys at about 8pm for you guys 10am for me.
     Well I'm glad you guys are all in fairly good health and getting excited for more trips and fun family activities.  I got to see the preview for the avengers while we were at that Walter Mart today as it was playing on the electronics section and I was trying to keep myself from drooling as I have to agree with Brayden, It looks pretty cool, and I can only imagine a new Jurassic Park would be just as cool. I guess you'll have to tell me how they were.  Also Roatan sounds like it will be great too with Neal and Errica.  Also I hope things continue to go well with Holly and her transfusion, and that everyone else is still doing good in school as the year comes to a close.
    With the whole heat thing, yea I know I'll survive, but yes as you said there are some days I wonder if I'll ever stop sweating.  But I guess its a small thing to suffer compared to what Christ did for us.  Also seeing lives change because of the gospel makes it all worth it as well.
    Well this week we had zone conference were we discussed the Book of Mormon.  We just finished reading the whole book as a mission we were asked to go through and mark all the references to Jesus Christ or any of His other names. In total there are 3924 references to the Savior out of the 6607 verses in the book, so just about every other verse has a reference to Him.  It was really interesting to see how powerful the Book of Mormon really is in witnessing of Christ and of the Restoration.  We even reviewed Gen 49 where Judah and Joseph receive their patriarchal blessings, which hints at Christ being from the line of Judah, and that Josephs posterity would be in the Americas.  So it was cool to gain more insight on the Book of Mormon, and how it truly is the Keystone of our Religion, and another witness of Jesus Christ.  We also had a great time sharing our new insight with the people we teach and for some of them to brush of the dust on their Books of Mormon and to be recommitted to read it, as they remember some of their spiritual experiences whilst reading it previously.
    Well that about sums it up for me this week.  I hope you all have a great week this week and that things continue to go well, and I'll be looking forward to our skype call next week.
Love you lots,
Elder Campbell

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