Monday, June 15, 2015

New baptism!

Dear Family,
   Well sure looks like you guys had lots of fun in Honduras and I'm trying not to drool to bad over the thought of lobster/swimming haha.  Glad you had a nice relaxing trip and that everything went well.  Also glad to hear the kids had a good time staying with Aunt Laura and that everyone can now enjoy their time out from school.  Hopefully Nicole is having a good time at girls camp and things are going well there. 
   Well the baptism was a success this week.  Saturday we had a decent turn out from the ward to show their support (much better improvement from last time).  This went pretty smoothly, and the baptism itself was awesome.  After he came out of the water he kind of stood there for a minute still with his eyes closed, after we changed he had the opportunity to share his testimony and he shared how he felt after coming up and shared how he felt that angels had truly attended and he didn't want the feeling to go away.  He then boar a powerful testimony about Joseph Smith and the Restoration and the Church.  Everyone afterwards expressed that they could really feel the power in his testimony.  So it was an amazing experience.  I wish I could send pictures this week, but my card reader the plugs in to the computer is having some issues so hopefully by next week I'll send some pictures from the baptism and some other things as well.  Other than that this week has been pretty busy with exchanges and meetings and things.  Sunday we had a area broadcast and heard from Elder Anderson, Christensen, and Neilson.  They gave some really great talks about being faithful and serving others as well. 
   I hope that everything this week goes well and that everyone stays healthy and happy.
Love you lots,
Elder Chayce Campbell

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