Sunday, July 12, 2015

Area President coming to visit

Dear Family,

    Well so far I'm starting to get the hang of the whole in office stuff.  Some of the account numbers and files and folders and procedures and what not are starting to stick to memory.  I guess that's kind of one nice thing about it is it's all pretty well rinse and repeat.  Also we are getting close to having all the new contracts for the landlords signed and turned in, which will be nice when it's done as it won't have to be touched until next year.  Although that has probably been the biggest pain is trying to discuss and explain legal terms in Tagalog.  But thank you for the prayers and encouragement,  so far I've had some great experiences in the office, and like I said I think I'm starting to get into the swing of things here.

    The office and mission have been a buzz lately as Elder Arden the Area President is coming the first of August for mission conference, and the office gets to have kind of a personal meeting with him, so kind of like when Elder Robbins came and spoke to us, although this time I may get a little more interaction with him.

     I apologize if I've been looking pretty skinny in my last pictures, I have been noticing that I've been losing weight but I haven't weighed myself since I left my first area so I couldn't tell you how much.  So far they have been feeding us pretty good in the office, as when ever there is a meeting (which is fairly often) the office staff eats as well, and if there are left overs Sister Bertin is usually nice enough to leave them for us.  So I'll hopefully be a little more diligent in exercising in the mornings and eating as well.

     Thank you all for all the love and support again, and I hope you all have a great week and that everyone continues to stay healthy and happy.

Love you lots,
Elder Chayce Campbell

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