Saturday, July 25, 2015

Pioneer days reflection

Dear Family,

   It's great to hear that you guys had such great experiences at Martin's Cove, even with the storm and all.  What great timing with pioneer day and to truly have a great pioneer experience.  I remember that being a fantastic experience for me, and helped me to see and have a greater appreciation for those who have gone before us, and all that they did.  During this past week I too have been reflecting on our ancestors, and of how whether or not we come from ancestry of those who made those great treks, we  have all been effected by it.  Not only did those who came before us help pave the way for many other people travel West in the future to help establish the U.S., but the church was more established, individual testimonies were tried and strengthened, which has helped pave the way for millions of people to come to know the joys of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the plan the God has for all of us.  Also for those who may not be descendants of those pioneers have been pioneers in their own ways, helping pave the way in order for us all to be here on this earth to experience mortality, to learn and to grow, and to prepare ourselves.  So happy Pioneer's Day to everyone.

   This week was the end of all our zone conferences, so that was a great experience to little by little see the whole mission, and get to hear some of their testimonies and the work shops that they had prepared.  We are now setting our sights toward our mission conference with some of the area presidency coming.  Also that's very cool to hear that you were able to visit with President Hinkley and Elder Richard G. Scott, that sounds like it would have been pretty amazing, although I imagine this meeting will be great too.  

    Also this week has brought more and more rain.  We got some pretty cool videos of some roads that pretty well turned into water slides with a big whirlpool at the bottom.  It's pretty funny some days when it rains hard enough that it's almost like fog, you can only see about 10 feet in front of you.  I have also been finding it funny with some of the people we teach, because you know how we were always told to not play/splash in the puddles.  Here the puddles aren't too big of a worry, instead the kids always ask if they can shower in the rain/play in the flood water, and the outcome is pretty much the same.  Almost every time, mom comes out and yells "Don't play in the flood water! you're gonna get sick!"  It was kind of funny to see how whether its puddles or flood water, mom still doesn't want you to get sick.  

     We were able to find another part member family this week, and some of them are excited to start attending church again, and also to eventually be baptized, although there are a few, including the mother of the family who are still unsure.  Although we are excited to keep working with them and continue teaching them the gospel.  Yesterday we were able to hold a family home evening activity at their home, and the family did express how grateful they were to spend more time as a family, and to be able to have a spiritually uplifting experience. Today we were able to play basketball with some of the younger brothers in that family, along with some members of the ward, which provided a great bonding opportunity for all of us.

    Well I hope that everyone stays in good health this week, and that you are all able to accomplishing the things you have planned.  Things are still alive and well over here, and I hope the same for all of you.

Love you lots,

Elder Chayce Campbell

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