Saturday, August 22, 2015

Beverly Hills of the Philippines

Dear Family,

   Well with all the things they are asking you to do to be a bus drive anymore, you might as well just have Mom ride shot-gun on the bus so she can do what ever needs to be done medically. Also is there really that many kids across the country that are having enough heart-attacks that they now have defibrillators at school?   Well either way I guess it's good general knowledge to have, and just hope that you never have to use it.

   Well glad to hear that everyone seems to be doing good and enjoying their last bit of summer.  Also I've seen a couple of those 4K tvs while out on P-days and things buying groceries.  They were in some of the bigger malls and things here, and one day we had to stop for a second and just kind of drool especially because on the demo video they had some people snowboarding, and I believe our words were almost the same as Holly's when she said "Oh.... that's cool!"  

   This week has been another week with a lot of rain, although I'm finding myself getting more used to all of the rain.  I used to get all excited when there was a lot of rain and flooding, but anymore it's more of a "Meh no big deal".  I guess that along with the whole becoming harder to speak pure english I guess could be pointing to the fact that I'm turning into a Filipino. In fact I always have to joke around with a lot of the people that we teach as they really like white skin, and so some of them ask if we could swap skins, and I always excitedly say "Alright lets do it! It's too hard to work on my tan anyway!"

    Another funny thing I've found this week, is I think by the time I finally move out of this area I'll have been featured in several Filipino TV shows.  Of course we aren't doing it on purpose, but there is a lot of film shooting that goes on in our area here.  In fact literally across the street from the mission home is a house that is rented out for shooting and things, so there have been times when we have had a meeting there and there's someone on a loud speaker yelling "Cut, Scene 3, Action".  It is sometimes a little annoying but I always find it funny that just trying to live a somewhat American lifestyle here ends up putting you in the same class and locations as some of the actors and artists and things here.  That and only in my dreams would I ever think I would be that close to anybody like that back home.  Also just this past week we had to go hand deliver a rent check for a missionary apartment, and their landlord lives in like the Beverly Hills of the Philippines known as Ayala Heights.  It was pretty dang cool driving through this huge neighborhood with these big house setting up on the hill, every now and then seeing Bentley's and Porsche's and all kinds of nice cars parked in the driveways.  So it has been really interesting to me just how diverse the class of people are here.  I can leave the office right now and walk down the street about 10 minutes and find a bunch of squaters living in the lowest of lows, or a can drive just a few minutes the other way and be in a neighborhood with a bunch of millionaires. 

    As far as our teaching goes this week, one of the families we have been working with has been doing great.  They have been taught before, but both the mother and the father of the family have had doubts in the past, and have never really been able to make a sure decision on the church.  Now after a few years the mother has recently returned from working in Japan, and basically searched around for the church here, found it, came up to us in sacrament meeting and told us she was ready to be baptized.  In some of our teaching appointments since then, the one little boy who is 12 has been answering almost all of our questions during the lessons, and when we actually gave them a baptismal date, he asked, "Can't we just do it tomorrow? I'm ready!" So it was really neat to see how no effort is wasted.  The spirit can still work within them and testify to them when that gospel seed has been planted.  So we are excited to help them prepare to make that covenant.

   Well I'll get this sent off as everyone is waiting on me.  I hope you all continue to have a great week, and hope that everyone is ready for school to start back up.

Love you lots,

Elder Chayce Campbell

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