Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mission Conference

Dear Family,

    Well as far as money goes, I think I should be good now, I'm watching my spending a bit more, and I hopefully shouldn't need to withdraw until possibly my birthday, but other than that I think I should be fine, but I'll let you know. Also thank you for putting that into an high interest account, that will be a bit better than just sitting in my regular savings only making pennies a month.

    Well I hope that you all had a safe trip down to Salt Lake and enjoyed time down there.  Hopefully Holly is feeling better after her injection, and was that the last one?  Although it's still weird to think that Nicole is driving now, you'll have to send me a picture of that sometime.  Also speaking of pictures, you'll have to send me a picture of Dallin's and Derek's wedding/invitation/whatever.  That was a bit of a shock, I already felt weird coming up on my 20th birthday, and now I've got a childhood friend from the ward, and my cousin getting married.  Time is just flying way too fast.  Although I am very happy that they were/will be temple marriages and make another big step in their eternal progression.  So I'm really happy for them, and with any luck some of the people I teach will be able to someday take that same step.  

    Well this week the rain has died down a little bit more so there isn't any more flooding like the picture I sent last week.  So that has been kind of nice, although the only problem with the sun coming back out during rainy season is the humidity shoots up like crazy.  I have to laugh at my companion Elder Biggs a bit as he wears glasses and whenever we come out of the office where there is A/C and he steps outside his glasses immediately fog up to the point that he can't see anything.  So we kind of chuckle together when he comes stumbling outside blinded by the humidity.  

    This past week has been great but very busy with our mission conference and with transfers coming up.  I was able to meet with President Ardern on a couple different occasions and it was a really great experience.  Elder Ardern is a very friendly and intelligent individual and him and his wife along with my mission president and his wife, gave some really great speeches/workshops and we were all enlightened.  Elder and Sister Ardern both talked about their conversion stories and just how much the missionaries meant to them, and then to see how their efforts have blessed generations to come (isn't the Abrahamic Covenant great!)  They also talked about how all of us needed to decide and work on what we were doing in this historical period of time, where the work of salvation is really being hastened..  I also really enjoyed Elder Ardern's remarks on keeping a journal, and how he could sit down with his family and they could pick any day on his mission, and he could read a passage.  It kind of struck me that although I haven't been doing too bad on my journal writing, it hasn't exactly been every day, so I'll try to improve.  All in all it was a pretty great experience and I learned a lot.

    Well I'll hurry and get this sent off, with mission conference over, it's now on to transfers that are happening tomorrow, so the office has been busy getting things ready for those outgoing, and for those incoming missionaries.  I apologize for getting this sent out late, I promise I'm doing alright and that things are going great here, just a bit busy is all. Love you all and have a great week.

Love you lots,

Elder Campbell

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