Saturday, August 15, 2015

Getting harder to speak English

Dear Family,

     I'm glad to hear that you all seemed to have had a great and hardworking week, and I yes I could have sworn that July just started and I had just barely moved into the office and everyone over there was still enjoying the summer, and here we are in the middle of August... What happened?  It sounds like things have been going great though, and there have been a lot of exciting things happening.  It is a little weird to think the Dillon Kunz is already home, and that Sydney and Joe are getting ready to serve as well, that is really exciting to hear.  

     Well this last week has been another fairly busy one.  We had transfers on Wednesday and so we had another 9 foreign missionaries enter the field, and so it was fun to get to be able to give a quick workshop on finances and to get to meet and interact with some of them.  One of them is even from Montpelier, Idaho!  It was a great experience and fun to be reminded of my first day entering the field and remembering how worried I was about the language and teaching and missionary life, and just to be able to see how as we learn and grow and receive strength, how most of those things are no longer a worry.  Although the demand is still there, but the burden truly has become light.  So it was really cool to see all of them and send them out in the field to bless the lives of others.  Although I'm finding it more and more weird to speak pure English, because even though I talk with most of my roommates and other foreign missionaries in English, it usually has a few Tagalog words thrown in which we all understand.  I've found myself in a pickle on a couple of occasions where I have been speaking with President Bertin or some of the senior couples and accidentally thrown in some Tagalog words and they tend to look at me in confusion for a moment, and then sometimes I catch myself and correct it, others I just keep babbling on.  Although the one couple that is getting ready to go home here in September has gotten pretty used to that from previous missionaries and it's funny to hear her say some simple common things in Tagalog.  For example,"bahala na" is used to say "whatever, or forget it".  So the other day I was sitting in my office and I hear Sister Ence in a somewhat raised tone say "Bahala na!" as she was having computer troubles, and the whole office broke out laughing.

    So to answer your question about proselyting, yes we try to proselyte every day for as long as we can, but since the whole office crew consists of 2 office elders, the 2 assistants to the president, and currently 4 senior couples trying to take care of the mission and over 200 missionaries, we tend to have a decent sized work load.  So most days we are able to go out and proselyte around 6 or 7pm.  So it's not a whole lot but we are still able to go out and teach and as I said hopefully have some baptisms coming soon.  Although this routine is fairly new, as yes not too long ago the office elders didn't proselyte like we do, but President Bertin has been pushing for a few months not to try and get the office elders out proselyting more.  Luckily I enjoy proselyting a lot more than sitting in an office crunching numbers, so I'm okay with that.

    With transfers being done, and Elder Pongyan the previous finance secretary has moved to his new position as a district leader in another area, I have now taken the official title of "The Boss" of finances, and It really seemed like when that change happened the whole mission had been saving up their problems and complaints and then dumped it on me that day.  Luckily Elder Pongyan taught me well and I think I've gotten everything back into balance again.

    Well I hope things continue to go well for you all this week.  I'll be looking forward to what new and exciting things are happening within this next week.  I wish you all the best, and hope and pray that you all stay in good health.

Love you lots,
Elder Campbell

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