Saturday, August 29, 2015

If we will just nourish that seed of faith inside us.

Dear Family,

  Well the typhoon this past week wasn't that big of a deal, we just got a bunch of rain, and a little bit of wind.  Either way it wasn't anything fantastic, in fact if I hadn't heard that there was a typhoon, I probably wouldn't have guessed that there was.  So no worries, everyone is happy, alive, and well, and the work continues forward.

   Although it is pretty weird to think that school is already up and started again!  Everyone looks good though in their "First Day Duds" and Brayden does look pretty cool with the saxophone and shades.  I think the only thing missing is to put on his suit and give him a fedora and we'd be ready to make our own version of "The Blues Brothers".  So I guess we'll have to have a "Jam Sesh" when I get back.  Also Holly and Nicole are looking very pretty as well.  Also from the sounds of it I may have to get into my own Spanish classes when I get back otherwise you all will be going off in spanish and I won't be able to figure out what's going on.

   This week has been a pretty busy week, we have had a lot of couple missionaries coming in, and we are trying to get them oriented with everything and assigned where they need to be.  All in all two of the couples will be taking over the office, so we have been trying to train the Harrington's on Elder Biggs and my own job here.  So most likely after the end of this transfer I'll be back in the field again, although "close" as President Bertin said, so that if assistance is required I'm not far away.  I think it will be a great change for the mission to have someone in these positions a little more constantly rather than being jumbled around every 6 months or so, plus I think I enjoy field work better.  Granted I've had some great experiences in the office and been able to meet a lot of great people and do some fun things, so it has it's ups and downs, but I think I'm going to enjoy the field a bit more now.  

   As far as teaching goes this week, we have still be working with the Bico Family and they are progressing great still.  Although the father still has some things to take care of in the process of repentance, but there has definitely been a big difference in how much he is willing to listen to our messages and participate in the lessons, and his willingness to keep his commitments.  Our last lesson with him this week, he was expressing how as the head of the family, he should be the one leading his family to do the right thing, and especially to be along side them when being baptized.  He then went on to say "I guess I should probably start coming to church!" So with any luck he'll be able to make it this week.  Also it's always awesome to see how repentance works, and to begin seeing the fruits of that "mighty change of heart" that can take place therein. So even though we all have our own unique trials and circumstances in our life, and although there may be times when we think we've strayed to far off the path and that there is no possible return, and we've lost that hope for a better life, that hope for forgiveness, that hope for things to turn out right.  If we will just nourish that seed of faith inside us, even through some of the simple things as reading the scriptures or attending church, that seed continues to grow, and as it grows that hope is restored.  Our trust in the Savior and His promises begins to return, and the Holy Ghost is able to touch our hearts and help us to remember the love the our Heavenly Father and His Son have for us, and how they want us to succeed.  This then gives us the courage and understanding that we need to ask for forgiveness and to repent and to continue to live the Gospel of Christ.  As we then do that, those promised blessings become more and more abundant in our lives.

    That's about all I have for this week, so I hope everyone stays in good health and that everyone continues to do well this coming week.  

Love you lots,

Elder Chayce Campbell

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