Saturday, August 1, 2015

Office life is getting easier

Dear Family!

   Well it sounds like you all had a very busy week, and sounds like you'll need to rest from your labors for a little season to gain back some strength, but I imagine it all looks awesome.  I remember when you first emailed about changing the stairs around and I joked that I would be coming back to a new house which was just a joke, but with new carpet, new paint, new A/C, and now Nicole is going to be driving, I just might really be coming back to a new house!  Well I imagine everything looks great, and will good for another 5/10/20 years or so.

    Also glad to hear that you were able to do a some service at the church, and I guess as Mike Rowe would say, "It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it." I've seen and cleaned some nasty looking bathrooms here as well, but it was nice that you had the chance to serve, and now I guess there is some satisfaction in knowing that whoever uses it next won't have to see whatever horrid mess was in there.

    As for me this week, the rain has died down a bit, it has only rained about every other day, and not dumping as much when it does.  So the heat has kicked back up again and the humidity right along with it.  This past week we have been teaching a part member family who then referred us to their relatives who are also in our area, we went over and taught them and they accepted a baptismal date that first visit.  We got to talking to them, and it turns out that This family, and the mother and a few of the children in the other family are the only non-members in extended family.  In the past they have had a lot of questions and concerns, and so far we have been able to help them resolve those, so it has been a great experience so far teaching them this week, and hopefully by the end of it all, they will finally be baptized and can start progressing towards making temple covenants to be sealed as one big happy family!  

    The office life is getting less and less of a headache everyday, and I've really been enjoying it so far.  Since the office elders help with mail-run during District meetings and such, and with some of the apartment moves we've had lately, I've been able to visit every zone in the mission so far, and so not only have I been able to get to know all of the missionaries a little more, but the geography of the mission as well.  Anywhere from the tops of the mountains, all the way to the coast of Navotas, I've been able to get a glimpse of it all.  So that has been another great blessing of being in the office.  
    As far as Misson conference goes, we have everything planned and ready to go for this week, so it will be interesting to see what President Ardern and Elder Haynie have to say to our mission, and to receive more guidance and direction in how to help a mission keep pace with the work of Salvation.  So by next week I'll report on that.

    I hope you all stay healthy and happy this week, and safe on your trip back to Salt Lake.  

Love you lots,

Elder Chayce Campbell

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