Monday, September 28, 2015

Back out in the field as district leader

Dear Family,

    It's good to hear that everyone seems to be doing well, and that things are still pushing forward.  That is pretty weird though to think the Grandma and Grandpa Stevens will be finishing their mission here in 2 months!  I could have sworn they just left last month!  Well I hope they are still doing great and look forward to hearing about their experiences.  

   Well here I am back out in the lone and dreary world, I've been thrust out of the office.  Haha well I guess it's not exactly like that, and I've actually still had to go back into the office 2 or 3 times already to help.  So I still have some of the headache of being in the office, I just no longer have the perks that go with it.  I've had to get used to sweating all day every day again, and since our teaching pool wasn't very big before, we have done quite a bit of tracting, so I've had to break my legs back in.  My new companion is Elder Lorenzo, and yes everyone here including myself had to joke once or twice by calling him Lorenzo Snow.  He is from La Union which is in the Northern part of the Philippines. We get along pretty well as we share quite a few common interests, including music that we liked to listen to.  So he has been pretty fun to be with as my first trainee, (My posterity in the mission).  He has been pretty great so far, and I'm looking forward to helping him become a great missionary.

   Well tomorrow will be my first workshop as a District leader.  I've given workshops before as the finance secretary, and even once before that, but this one will be the first for my own district.  It will be an interesting as right now there are only sister missionaries in my district.  Which I guess is pretty good as sisters seem to handle themselves a bit better than elders.  Although, it's still an important role that I have been called to fulfill.  So all in all this week my shoulders are still trying to adjust to the responsibilities I've been called to bear, but I'm glad that I've been entrusted with so much and look forward to all the great experiences and learning opportunities I will have here.

   This week I've definitely had my eyes opened to why President Bertin really wanted us back out to work in Lagro, as we have been using the membership record sheet to find both members and less actives in our area, and we have stumbled across quite a few families already who were very surprised to see missionaries visiting them again after almost 2 years.  The majority of them were very happy and invited us in, and are looking forward to our return.  And all of this just within the first week, so hopefully within the coming months, there will be many more families blessed.

    So as for now I'm still doing alright and excited to be out in the field again, just needing some time to adjust again.  I hope you all have a great week, and that things continue to go well.  I'll look forward to writing again next Monday (Sunday).

Love you lots,

Elder Chayce Campbell

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