Saturday, September 19, 2015

Baptism and new trainer/district leader

Hello Family!

    First I really apologize for not getting a letter sent off last week.  Time has just really gotten away from me with transfers and everything coming up.  Between trying to get the senior couples up and running, so that by the time Transfers are here they will be ready to handle everything.  So sadly no it wasn't because I was writing pretty girls and used up my email time, rather I just didn't have time period.  So sorry for the worries if I caused any, I'm doing alright.

    Well it's good to hear that you all had fun these past two weeks.  I imagine the David Archuleta concert would have been way cool, and it's really exciting to hear that Nicole is doing so well in band and gets to play at the game tonight.  Speaking of which how is the football team doing so far this year?  I haven't had a inline since Joe has graduated now.  Well I imagine Nicole will do great, and I hope that every else is doing well too.

    As I said these past two weeks have been pretty busy.  We have been getting the Bico family ready for their baptism, which we had succesfully today so I'll hopefully send some pictures next week.  On top of that transfers are coming up this Wednesday, so I've been busy teaching Elder Harrington all the ins and outs of the finances and trying to make detailed guides that he can follow when I'm not there.  That and just staying on top of regular office work has had me running almost non-stop this week.  It's been good so far though,  like I said we have been continuing to teach the Bico Family, sadly the father of the family will still need some time to get some things figured out, but the rest of the family was ready and excited for their baptism today.  At the service earlier we had a great turn out from the ward, there were some good speakers,one of which Sister Tinapay who is one of their fellow shippers.  The baptism itself was preformed by Brother Tinapay which I thought was great as it helps me to know that they will have friends and someone to lean on in the Church that are not missionaries.  Obviously missionaries come and go and having been in the office, I still hear of a lot of missionary converts which become converted to the missionaries rather than the gospel.  So as soon as the missionary leaves, little by little they begin falling away because they have lost their friend in the church.  Luckily from what I've heard, all of my converts are still active which I'm really excited to hear and I hope continues.  I think it just continues to prove President Hinckley's point that every convert needs 1. A friend in the Church, 2. A calling, and 3. Nourishment from the word of God.  It's pretty well given that no matter what stage of life we are in, or where we are there are going to be trials that we will have to face, because that is one of the main reasons we are here, to learn and to grow, and to see where we stand in our Faith and Trust in our Heavenly Father.  So everyone needs a friend to help each other through those hard times, they need those callings to keep their mind and goals focused in the right direction, and the continuation to "feast on the words of Christ" so that we can better understand what we need to do, and as an excellent way to receive personal revelation and to strengthen that faith and trust.  Isn't it awesome to have living prophets to help and guide us in these kinds of things rather than left on our own to wander!

    So the baptism ended up being really great, and the father was there to attend and watch as they all entered the water.  He is a really deep voiced some what serious kind of a guy, but at the baptism I don't think I ever saw him stop smiling!  We were all talking afterward and since Elder Biggs, my companion, is going home this Wednesday, Brother Bico was telling me, "Alright you better keep coming because I want to get baptized before you leave!" So it seems like it was a good for him, and I'm excited to keep teaching them with my new companion.

    Speaking of new companion it looks like this transfer I'll literally be having a NEW companion, as in I'm training for the first time.  I already have an idea of what his name is, although I'm not going to officially be told until transfer day, (one of the perks of working in the office).  Also I'll be becoming a District Leader in a newly created District.  So I'm in a state of pretty excited and a little nervous since working in the office leaves us only a few hours to work in our area each day (if that), so we don't have a very big teaching pool.  So I'm more on the excited side, but granted I have to be a little nervous too just because I'm human.  Although I'm definitely going to miss my first foreign companion, it was an awesome 2 transfers.  

     Well I'll get this sent off, sorry again that I wasn't able to write at all last week, it probably won't happen again.  Also just a reminder that my P-day will be swapping back to Monday again so I'll hear from you then.  I hope you all have a great week and I'll talk to you on Monday/Sunday.

Love you lots,

Elder Chayce Campbell

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