Saturday, September 5, 2015

Up coming baptism!

Dear Family,

     Well I have to say mom looks pretty cool with the fancy new car, and that is another weird thing to think that her old car is 10 years old already.  I still remember fairly well when she got that one, and the Prius before that.  Yea it feels weird getting older.  Well glad to hear that every had a good first week of school and that everything is going alright so far.

     Well transfers for us aren't until the 23rd of this month, so I still have a few more weeks in the office, and by things are said and done I'll have been here 12 weeks, and you kind have to always expect the unexpected in the office, so I'll be curious to see what happens within the next coming weeks, and especially how things go after this transfer.  Although I already know that once this change happens, I'll still be staying in the current area that I'm in, still in the same apartment with the Assistants, but I'll just be proselyting instead of going to the office everyday.  Also I have a feeling in my nuggets that I'll probably train once that takes place, but as I said, one of the many things the office has taught me more of, is the Christlike attributes of Patience and Flexibility, and just waiting for the Time and Season for certain things to occur.  Although yes most office elders usually stay for the 4-6 months, but I believe part of the reason that I'm only the 3rd foreign missionary that has been assigned to the position of financial secretary in the history of this mission, was to be able to train and explain in terms that are understandable that things that need to be done financially in the mission to senior missionaries.  So as you stated, "I'll go where the Lord needs me."

    This week we had some great lessons with our investigator family.  It has been really awesome to see and hear some of their experiences in the past how they went from really not caring at all about the church, and many times doubting it's truthfulness, and the many other problems they have had, to the point now where they have are more aware and sensitive to the tender mercies and the small and simple ways that the spirit has testified to them, and how God has touched their lives and being excited and eager to be baptized.  We have their baptismal interview scheduled for this Saturday with the baptism itself the following week.  Sadly the father still needs some time to work some things out as far as repentance goes, but we have had a lot a progress with him as far as how much more open he has been during lessons and the stronger desire to change.  So hopefully it won't be too long before he can join his family and then they can both begin working together to find more peace and happiness in their family as they continue to put Christ as their center, and to aim for and eventually receive even greater blessings.  

    Well I'll hurry and get this sent off as we are about to head out to teach another lesson.  I hope you all have a great week, and thank you for all the birthday wishes.

Love you lots,

Elder Campbell

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