Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween or Christmas? That is the question.

Hello Family,

     I hope that Holly is feeling better this week, and that her health continues to get better.  I'm glad though that you all were able to have some fun down in Salt Lake and spend some time with family and play in the pool and what not. Also the fall temperatures and colors are sounding amazing, the other day we were defrosting our refrigerator, and so I scrapped the sides of the freezer to get some frost and well and made another little snowball.  That's about as close as I'll be getting to cold weather here.  I then took it and dropped it down the back of my companions shirt, and now I've started a war where we go back and forth trying to sneak up on each other and either pelt each other with a little freezer box ice ball, or drop it down each other's shirt while we are studying. 

     It's really hard to think that Halloween is pretty much here! You'll have to let me know what everyone dresses up as for Halloween.  Here there is a weird mix of people selling Halloween decorations, and those who are already moving on to Christmas.  So in some places we can see people getting ready for halloween with the spider webs and things strung up, and some of the little stores are selling paper masks that all the kids are now wearing and trying to scare people at night.  On the other hand in some areas like some of the malls around here they have already put up Christmas lights, and almost all the stores are playing Christmas music.  So I'm finding it a little difficult to keep track of what month it really is as one moment I feel like it's December already, and then the next moment I'm shot back to October.

    This week we were able to find another investigator family who were investigating the church before, and it sounds like possibly on their way to baptism, but at the time there were sisters in the area and they were pulled out and replaced with elders, and they just got lost in the process (and its been probably 7 years since our area has had sisters).  So they were really excited when we re-found them and were able to start reteaching them, and hopefully this time get them baptized.  Also this past week one of our investigators was interview for baptism and is set to go for this coming Saturday, so Elder Lorenzo and I are really looking forward to that, and I'll hopefully have some pictures to send next week.  

    We've also had a busy week this week running back and forth to the mission office, and there have been a few things they have need my help with.  One of which was a fairly large influx of missionaries coming into our mission and finding more apartments and things for them all.  In our news letter that our mission president sent out this week, he added a cool little chart that had the ratio of the number of missionaries compared to the number of people here, and the Philippines has one of the highest ratios of missionaries to people in the world, and it was cool to see how as President Hinkley once stated decades ago that "The Philippines was made for the Church, and the Church for the Philippines", and here we are now with about 4,300 missionaries serving here out of the 85,000 in the world, and to see that prophecy continuing to unfold from the small missionary force of 4 when the Philippines was opened for missionary work until now.

    That about does it for me this week,  I hope you all enjoy you Halloween holiday, and I hope that Holly keeps getting better, and that everyone stays in good health.

Love you lots,

Elder Chayce Campbell

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