Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Temple P-day

Dear Family,

    Well I'm glad to hear that you all have been enjoying the weather back home, and the those nice just right temperatures.  I also really enjoyed the fall pictures, I was showing my companion, and he was a little confused as to why the leaves we turning that color.  I had to explain what the season of "Fall" was to him, and we both had a good laugh as he basically said, "Well that stinks! We only have two seasons here, Rainy season, and the not so rainy season!"  Although the temperature is varying a little more at this point in the year as well.  So there have been a few days where I haven't been totally drenched in sweat.  

     Well I hope you all have a great time in Salt Lake, and enjoy the concert and company of family.  I apologize for not writing Monday, I spaced that fact that we had our temple P-day this week, and so it was moved to today.  (So yes mom I promise I'm ok :). This has been my second temple P-day in the field, and each time I keep hoping that we would have them more often.  Then again I guess I should just be content that we have a temple P-day, unlike so many other missions who don't.  I had to laugh though when we stopped at the distribution center across the street after our temple session as the Filipino MTC missionaries were have their P-day as well, and some of them were talking with a foreign elder who had just entered the field 3 or 4 weeks ago, and obviously isn't fluent yet.  I walked in and then they all flocked to me and in broken english tried to ask "Was it a culture shock?" I then chuckled and replied in tagalog "Yea I imagine when I go home I will probably have some culture shock, I've become to much of a filipino!"  Their jaws dropped at first, and then we all laughed.
      This week we were finally able to watch conference and it was awesome!  I have found myself almost feeling downhearted now when conference ends, as I keep wanting to hear more! (oh well I guess that's why we have Liahona's/Ensign's).  I found it really cool though as the previous week I was preparing a workshop for that coming district meeting.  I was planning on doing it on Faith.  As I was working on it, Elder Welch came in and reminded me that it was Zone Training Meeting that Tuesday, and the Zone Leaders would be giving the workshop.  I slapped myself in the forehead and stopped worrying about it.  Then when conference rolled around, I found that a large portions of the talks seemed to touch on Faith.  So it was really nice to add some current talks from some of the leaders of the church into my workshop for this week, and my companion jokingly said "Wow you must be in tune!" We both laughed as I said "Yea right..."  All together, it was difficult to choose a favorite, but I really enjoyed the challenges that Elder Durrant gave with "Ponderizing" and Also the other talk with the challenge of asking "What lack I yet".
      As far as the work goes this week,  we are hopefully going to have a baptismal interview this Saturday for one of our investigators who has been in the making for a while.  He is turning 11 and so he is still fairly young, so we have been focusing on trying to activate his parents.  His mother has since been returning fairly well, although the father struggles due to his work schedule.  We have been discussing it with the bishop here, and he thinks that maybe it will be a good push for both of his parents if we continue with his baptism, so I guess that's what we will do.  
      Well that about does it for me this week,  I hope you all have a great week, and everyone stays safe.  

Love you lots,
Elder Chayce Campbell

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