Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Feast

Hello Family,

    The snow sounds like it is amazing, and I started drooling a little bit at the picture of Mom and Holly up at Targhee.  I'm also glad everyone was able to have a good Thanksgiving. Also you don't have to tell me twice about how fast the year has gone by, I still remember last Christmas like it was only last week, I can still recall where I was and what I did, and here we are coming up on 2016!  Well it sounds like you all had a lot of fun this week, and hopefully you have a great week this week as well.

    This week for Elder Adra and I, people have started their begging of December Celebrations, as like I said before Christmas is like a 4 month event for them.  Yesterday we had some fireworks going off near our area, and today there were a few marching bands going around.  Earlier we were helping a family demolish their house and get ready to build a new one.  The Elders Quorum here has been planning on doing this for a while as some what of a Christmas present to this family.  The old house was slowly sinking into the ground and so whenever we visited them the floor is on a slant.  Also the wood in the house has been rotting pretty bad as there has been a combination of termites, and also their house is low enough that it floods almost every time it rains.  So earlier we moved all of their belongings to a temporary apartment and demolished the house and got it prepped to lay in new posts and start building the new place.  It was pretty fun demolishing the old place as once we had everything moved out from the inside, all we had to do was give it a little shove and the whole thing crumbled.  

     I had to laugh while the whole thing was going on as pretty much everyone in the neighborhood had gathered around to see myself and Elder Heaton (one of the assistants to the president) who were Americans come to help out.  For a little while I thought we were being featured on the TV show Flip that House or something as everyone that had a cellphone were out there videoing us.  All in all it was a pretty fun experience and everyone was happy that we were finally getting a little more hospitable place to live for this family.

     Earlier this week we also had our zone interviews at the mission home.  It was kind of cool to have the interviews held in the mission home this time around.  During our meeting this week the President asked me if I would be willing to stay another cycle in the Lagro ward, so I guess I'll be staying here until close to the end of January. I was pretty happy as we have a few baptisms lined up here in December, but a couple of them are probably going to be pushed into the next cycle or if not January.  One of which is the Cabugnason family who as I mentioned in my last email have been awesome.  This last week we finally got the father of the family to begin opening up a little more to us as well as the husband of one of his daughters.  In the past they never stayed around to listen to our message as they have listened to missionaries in the past, and I guess they didn't really care for them.  Although with all the changes that the rest of the family has been making, they both finally came out and said "Why is it that you are all making changes in your lives and becoming more spiritual and we are not? We want to change too!"  I just had to chuckle to myself as I wish everyone we taught would realize that at the very beginning, but then again I guess if everything was that easy then we would never learn. 

    I was also pretty happy this past week as I believe I made up for not doing much of a celebration for Thanksgiving last year.  This year we actually cooked and had ourselves a little thanksgiving feast.  The only things we really had to buy ready made was the roasted chicken and rolls as we don't have an oven.  Other than that we improvised and made our own deviled eggs and mashed potatoes, and we even attempted to make some what of an apple pie using pancakes for the crust.  It didn't turn out quite like we thought it would, but it was still edible. =)

    That about raps it up for me, so I hope that everyone has a great week this week, and that everyone stays in good health.

Love you lots,

Elder Chayce Campbell

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