Monday, November 9, 2015

The gift of tongues,

Hello Family,

  Well I'm glad to hear that things seem to be improving on your end,  I hope Holly and Brayden are still getting better, and that everyone is ready for the trip.  It's still hard to think that Grandma and Grandpa are already starting to wrap things up in their mission time has really gone fast, and I can't wait to hear of their experiences.  Make sure to let them know the I love them and miss them.  Also with the first trimester of school coming to a close, I hope everyone is getting excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and that everyone continues to do well in school.  I'm also pretty anxious to see what kind of collection Brayden will have of Nerf guns when I get back.  Also glad to hear that you all enjoyed and did well in the primary program, that sounds like it would have been a pretty cool experience, and I'm glad that playing scum with the Nygards brought back some memories.

   This week Elder Adra and I had a pretty decent week.  Elder Adra is from Legazpi and Bicol is his native language.  Although it has only been a few days, we have gotten along fairly well together, and he really has a potential to be a great missionary, he just is fearful of stepping up and becoming more of a leader.  We have had some cool experiences together already in fact one just happened the other day.  Yesterday we had our ward mission leader and a sister work with us, both of whom are pretty recently returned missionaries.  Our ward mission leader served in Davao, Philippines and speaks Visayan, the sister served in Bacolod and speaks Ilongo (Yes the language diversity is pretty crazy over here).  So in some of our teaching appointments we have people who were from those areas and spoke those different dialects.  It was interesting though to see, as I have had companions in the past that have spoken those same dialects and have taught me bits and pieces, but yesterday I was really surprised at how much I was able to understand while they were speaking in the native languages.  It was interesting to see the Gift of the interpretation of tongues coming into play as I nodded my head at some points or showed that I could somewhat understand what they were talking about, and in both cases, they then turned to me and questioned whether I actually understood or not and then asked me what they were saying.  To their surprise I was on track with what they were saying, and then during the lesson they were more intrigued and more attentive to what we were teaching.  

    Another thing that we were very excited about this week was the 4 investigators that we had attend church this week.  One of which was the Father of our recent convert family who for a time was becoming busier with work, and was losing faith in his abilities to live some of the standards of the church and stopped coming for some time.  This week when we visited them, he has cleared his schedule a little more, and has gained strength and even bore his testimony of Joseph Smith, and is showing more hope in his ability to overcome the problems he is facing.  The other was a part member family that has been taught for a long time.  The Grandmother of this family has been a devoted catholic for her whole life and has never been able to give up her belief there, and has kept some of her children in that same boat.  One of her children married a member and then became a member herself, and have been trying to get the rest of the family to join for several years.  The Grandmother has just now been opening up more to the idea of joining the church, and we have even got her to accept a baptismal date along with one of her children.  It has been awesome to see how there really is a time and a season for all things, and that no missionary effort is wasted.  Conversion may not take place with the first attempt, but each effort continues to show our love and care for them, which can eventually lead them to finding true happiness and the blessings that come from living the gospel.

   That about sums it up for me for this week.  I love you all, and hope that things continue to go well over there and everyone stays healthy and happy.

Love you lots,
Elder Chayce Campbell 

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