Monday, November 16, 2015

The Holy Ghost is amazing!

Hello Family,

     Well I hope you all our enjoying your trip, or depending on when you can read this; enjoyed your trip. You will have to send me some pictures and let me know how the Mexcian Rivera was.  

   This week Elder Adra and I were able to attend Stake Conference here and got to hear a lot of cool talks.  Some of which were from returned missionaries who have only been home for less than a year and who have already been called to the stake high council, and other stake callings.  That has always been one thing that has really surprised me here in the Philippines is how literally young the church is.  In my last area the Bishop was only in his low to mid 30's.  In my first zone there was a branch who had just changed their branch presidency and they were all only mid to high 20's.  I remember some of President Bertin's remarks in one of our office planning meetings a while back that he was visiting a stake when they were getting ready to call a new stake president.  The man they called was now in his 50's and was saying that he didn't think he was qualified as he thought he was too old now.  It really has been an eye opener to me of the fact that whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies.  So even though we may feel young or weak, or inadequate, as long as we rely on the Lord's strength and strive to seek to do his will, he strengthens us and makes us the instruments that he needs to bless and touch the hearts of his other children.

   Also during this past week, Elder Adra and I have been continuing to teach all the families that I have mentioned in past letters, they are all still progressing fairly well, and the majority of them are still on track to be baptized this coming December.  This week we have been focusing a bit on working and teaching some of the members and asking referrals from them, that has been a huge help as well and we have found many more people to teach, and the lessons that we have them with us, really help to strengthen the lessons that we have and the people that we are teaching.  Along with some of our other finding efforts this week, we have stumbled across a few people who either currently or had previously had callings or ministered in their respective churches.  The majority of the time we try to avoid those who just want to try to bible bash us especially because some of the religions here actually teach how to bible bash and find the flaws in every other church especially our religion, but sometimes we can't help but just defend our beliefs.  On two occasions this week that occurred, and all I have to say is the Holy Ghost is amazing.  On both occasions we were able to begin teaching, but almost immediately after  covering the first principle they started questioning or trying to tear the lesson apart.  We then began addressing their questions and concerns and as we opened up the scriptures to them, at different points almost the same thing happened to these two individuals.  The suddenly became silent, sat and pondered for a moment, and then asked us to continue teaching the lesson.  As we finished, the feeling of the spirit in the room was awesome, and both agreed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, and invited us to come back.  It was really cool to see just how the spirit works in some of those situations, and how blessed we are to have a knowledge of the fullness of the gospel.

     That is about all my highlights for the week, I hope you are all having a great week, and that everyone is enjoying life and getting ready for Thanksgiving.  This year I made it a goal to have a better Thanksgiving than I did last year, because as I recall last year Thanksgiving came and went, and I didn't even realize it had passed until that next P-day.

Well I love you all, and hope everything is going great,

Love you lots,
Elder Chayce Campbell

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