Monday, January 11, 2016

Because they were of One Heart and One Mind

Hello Family,

   Well I hope you are all starting to feel a little better and get over your coughs.  With all the cough drops you may be going through it reminded me of another interesting thing here is that Filipinos are really into Menthol.  I'm not sure why, but the majority of their candy has menthol in it, and they even sell little vials of a menthol mix that basically acts like BioFreeze or Icy-Hot, but it's super cheap.  Well I'm glad you enjoyed the little trip down to Pocatello, and I guess I'll just have to cross my fingers that it snows like that again next year as well!  

    This week we have been trying to focus on finding more people to teach as we ended up having to stop teaching quite a few people in our area as it appears that over the holiday season there were a decent number who had hardened their hearts again and were no longer willing to progress.  It was pretty sad to see how even some of them who had already begun to experience the changes that the gospel was bringing into their lives and the better knowledge and understanding they were gaining, and then to give into temptation and the cares and philosophies of the world.  So I guess we will have to just continue to wait for the correct time for them again to hear the gospel.  Although we have been seeing a lot of good progress with some of the members we have been finding that have not been to church in several years.  We had a few of them attend church this last Sunday that have not been for several years, one more than a decade.  It was great to see them there and beginning to see the importance of attending Church.  

     Also this past Sunday we were able to attend the Area Broadcast for the Philippines and listen to the Area Presidency discuss the visions, goals, and plans that have been established for the coming year.  It was also good to see that they as well as it seems that whole church in general (As it was a main point in General Conference) seems to be focusing on keeping the Sabbath Day Holy.  I have noticed it has been a decently common ideal here with some of the Less Active members that we teach, that they may still claim to believe in the Church and the Doctrines and Teachings and suggest that they are applying them in their home, but they refuse to attend church for multiple reasons.  That has been one of the things I have been grateful for since I have been serving, is that I have gained a better understanding of the importance of the Sabbath and of church attendance.  As Paul states, The Church was created "For the perfecting of the saints...Till we all come in the unity of the faith and the knowledge of the Son of God" (Eph 4:12-14).  He established One church as there was only One Doctrine, and being One Doctrine, One way to Salvation.  Thus God who called his people Zion "Because they were of One Heart and One Mind" established a church built upon Prophets, apostles and revelation so that we could all be taught His doctrine, participate in the ordinances and covenants that He has given to us and be able to renew those ordinances so that we can be united with Him again, and be more united as well as communities and families.

      I'm running a little low on time so I don't think I can squeeze in my person for the week this week, but I'll try to get it in next week.  I hope you all have a great week, stay healthy and happy, and keep being awesome!

Love you lots,
Elder Chayce Campbell

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