Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mighty change of heart

Hello Family,

    I was kind of thinking that Sister Gretchen was going to post those pictures, but I was kind of hoping she wouldn't, but I guess she did... So those were from a Family Home Evening that we were invited to as there have been quite a few members that have been wanting to invite us over seeing that these will probably be the last week that I am here in Lagro as I've been here for 7 months now, but there is still no for sure update (who knows maybe I'll be here for 9 months).  So back to the story, everyone's favorite part of family home evenings is the "games" (some what like back home).  So here each game if you lose as some form of consequence and these consequences range from a wide variety of things that everyone things for that person.  So for this particular game each person has a gesture and basically you just go around the circle and in order to move on to the next person you have to do their gesture.  If you got it wrong, or were to slow, the consequence was you got marked with lipstick... So yes kind of a weird consequence but that's what was decided on.  So that is why everyone had marks on their face.
    That's pretty cool to hear that Brayden is snowboarding now.  You might have to send me a picture of all the snow around the house so I can see just how much snow I missing.

    Well this week Elder Adra and I have been seeing a lot of amazing things happening in simple ways.  We were able to have 4 New investigators attend church this last week and all seemed to really enjoy it.  Another thing we have been really excited about is that we had 8 Less active members attend church last week, some of which in the group have really had some struggles with Testimony, Faith, and even some that had hardened their hearts and claimed that they were no longer members of the church.  It was awesome standing by the doors coming into the chapel and seeing all of these people we had been teaching keep flowing in.  There were quite a few times that my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest when we saw some of these people who we weren't necessarily expecting to come back to church so quickly who we then were seeing walking down the sidewalk.  So it was another reminder to me that missionary work is awesome, and that as we continue to follow the spirit, we may not realize it, but we really can be instruments in helping others experience that mighty change of heart.  

     My person for the week this week is Brother Mena,  he is a seaman who has worked on ships all over the world, at one point he worked on a special ship that took cruises to Antarctica, and he currently works for a company that basically does ferry trips from the UK to Norway.  He has a lot of interesting stories to share and his wife is a less active member of the church.  Right now Brother Mena is just on his off season as in mid February he heads back to England to work again.  Elder Biggs and I found his wife a while back but at that time the her husband was still abroad and we could not visit them unless we had another priesthood holder with us.  So just within the past week we received news that her husband had returned so we decided to pay them a visit.  He has been introduced to the missionaries before, but has never really cared for their message and had difficulty believing that Joseph Smith was a prophet.  After just our second visit with him and his family they were one of the ones that we unexpectedly saw at church the other day.  We had invited them, but there response seemed pretty hesitant and they would discuss it.  I was impressed with his faith to allow us to teach him, and for his willingness to attend church right away.  We are hoping we will continue to see him and his family progress in the gospel.

    That about does it for me this week, I hope you are all still enjoying the snow for me.  I hope everyone stays healthy and happy this week.
Love you lots,
Elder Chayce Campbell

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