Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Zone Leader / President Russel M Nelson

Hello Family,

    Well I certainly hope everyone is getting over their pains and ills especially Holly.  Hopefully something starts working out for her, and she is able to get over what ever problem she might be having.  The new pantry looks pretty sweet, and WOW 20 lbs. that fast?  That pretty impressive, and I hope things are still going good there.  My companion was pretty blown away with the little snow caves Holly and the others had made.  He was even more puzzled when I told him that there were scout groups that would sleep in things like that.  It's definitely pretty weird to think of their prospective having never seen of experienced what snow is like, and makes me glad that I was born were I was so that I could experience all 4 seasons and not just 2.

     As far as schooling and things go, it has crossed my mind a couple of times and I have spent a whole lot of time thinking on it yet, but I've begun considering BYU or BYU-I again.  I know President Bertin is also concerned about those kind of decisions after, and I think when the time is right I'll inquire a little more from him what options are available or any suggestions that he would have.  The ideal would be yes I would get home and hopefully be able to find a job that would work with my school schedule and then start school as soon as possible, but I definitely want to do what I can to not have loans, or if necessary just something manageable.  Also along those lines of getting home, I wanted to get your thoughts if I were to extend just for another cycle (6 weeks)?  I haven't made the decision yet, but I can't remember what time school usually starts up and how much time that would give me between getting home and starting school.  I'm planning on doing a bit more fasting and praying to see if it would be something appropriate, but I wanted your input as well. 

    Well things have been pretty busy this week for Elder Adra and I, and some what sadly this will be our last full day together and my last days in Lagro.  I will be opening and area in Novaliches with Elder Saludar as Zone Leaders.  I'm definitely going to miss Lagro it was a really fun and supportive ward and I made a lot of friends here and a lot of memories, but I'll be looking forward to all the new friends and adventures in Novaliches.  As far as distance goes Novaliches really isn't super far from where Lagro is, that being partly so that I can still help out in the office as they need me.  It has been a great 2 transfers with Elder Adra and I have really learned a lot from him and I am glad he is now going to be the senior companion and lead the area here in Lagro.  This has been a pretty exciting time in the mission as a good majority of the mission is being switched up so that the leaders of the mission can establish the ideal area where they can bring other missionaries on exchanges and show them how to improve their areas based of what they see and learn in the leaders area.  We have also been excited as a mission as President Russel M. Nelson is coming to have a conference with just our mission on Feb. 19th.  I've been pretty jittery this week just thinking that we will be able to shake hands and listen to, in person, the President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.  So that is definitely a highlight I'm looking forward to in the coming weeks.

    Well that is a little bit of what I have for this week,  I'll be sure to keep everyone's health in my prayers, and as for myself, yes I'm still healthy and happy.  I've felt pretty blessed this past week as a lot of people we teach have been coming down with colds and things as it is kind of a weird time where it gets down to around 70 degrees at night, and you can call me crazy but that is actually kind of cold here, but then it picks back up to the upper 90's during the day.  Luckily I haven't picked up anything and I am still feeling 100%. I hope everyone has a great week this week and stays safe especially on those slicks roads.

Love you lots,
Elder Chayce Campbell

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