Monday, February 15, 2016

David and Goliath

Hello Family,

   Happy Belated Valentines Day! Well it's good to hear that everyone's health seems to be improving, and I hope that it continues that way. That is also pretty exciting to hear the Nicole will probably be getting her drivers license! It's pretty weird to think that she wasn't even driving before and left and now here she is with a license!  It's also interesting the Brayden says he has outgrown Minecraft now and wants to start a band!? Well I guess we will have to see how good you are when I get back.  Also I'm sorry to hear about Brother Erickson, I do remember him coming over from time to time.  I'll be sure to keep his family in my prayers.  
    Well this coming week is going to be a bit of adventure as we have zone interviews on Wednesday and then our meeting with President Nelson on Friday.  Last week we had our Zone Training meeting and Elder Saludar and I gave a workshop on having Faith to Find People to Teach.  We related back to the story of David and Goliath and how each of us may have a "Goliath" to face in one form or another.  Sometimes it may be fear, sometimes laziness, sometimes pride.  One way or another at some point we have to face our Goliath and as we strive to develop Faith like David, we can say with confidence that "The Lord will deliver him into [our] hands."  We were able to see that the number of new investigators for every companionship increased in Faith and was able to improve their finding and the number of new investigators by quite a bit.  Elder Saludar and I had quite a bit a fun this past week as having opened up the area and having only been here for 3 weeks and having a decently large area, we tend to get lost from time to time.  So it just gives us that many more reasons to open our mouths and talk to people.  So by the end of the week we were able to find 15 new people to teach.  It's always amazing for me to see just how much we really can accomplish as we put our Faith in Jesus Christ.  It also is always eye opening to see just how much He is really preparing people everyday that are ready to listen.  Granted yes not a day goes by that doors aren't shut in our face, people curse and try to put us down, but if we allow those challenges discourage us from trying, then we never will be able to experience the blessing.  

     This week I was also able to experience something similar to what Dad experienced in Brazil with the large plate of liver that he thought was steak.  On this occasion we stopped at a members house and he was out cooking some meat over some charcoals.  We asked him what was cooking and he simply said "Pig" not specifying what part. We were able to sit down and share a short message with him and before we left he invited us to eat with him.  The first thing I sampled was normal piece of pork and it tasted pretty good.  There was also on the plate a few larger pieces of meat that looked really good.  I took one that was a decent size and sure enough it was liver.  luckily liver is fairly commonly eaten here and I've had it a few other times and was able to get it all down, but it was a pretty big piece. 

    Another interesting thing that happened this week as my companion and I were on our way home on Wednesday night we were stopped by a Philosophy student studying at one of the nearby colleges.  She asked if she could take a few minutes to interview us for her project on religion as she had been interviewing representatives from different religions.  We had a few minutes so we agreed.  Before the interview started we were also asking her questions trying to get some background info.  We asked her what her religion was and she answered with "I'm not sure" which over here is basically a round about way of saying that you are athiest, as not having a religion is frowned upon here.  So the interview started and most of the questions were mainly focused on what drove us to come out and serve a mission and represent the church and what made us different from other religions.  One of the things that came to my mind during the interview was the talk Elder Bednar gave about missionary work and why we are so excited about sharing the gospel.  I related to her the story that Elder Bednar told about their son having fallen and hurt himself, his older brother then took him in the kitchen and cleaned him up and put some ointment and a bandaid on the scratch and sent him on his way, who then went and did the same thing for his other friends who had scratches.  We related it back to the Atonement and the Church and how after having experienced the blessings that come from membership in the church, sometimes you can't but help turn around and share the blessings.  As the interview continued her countenance began to change and she began to show more genuine interest.  At the end of the interview she paused and looked at my companion and I and said "I don't normally ask this, but what do you teach?"  We then gave a brief overview of the Restoration and by the end accepted a copy of The Book of Mormon and wanted missionaries to come teach her.  Sadly she lives outside our mission boundaries and just goes to school in our area, but we referred her to the missionaries there and hopefully her progression continues.

Well that is all I have for this week,  I hope things continue to go well for everyone this week, and I hope you all enjoyed your valentines day. Hopefully next week if I have a little extra time I'll write a letter to the ward.

Love you lots,
Elder Chayce Campbell

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