Monday, February 8, 2016

Mission choir

Hello Family,

     Well I hope everyone is still getting over being sick and staying healthy and enjoyed the past week.  Tell Brayden that I am definitely excited to hit the hills with him when I get back and to see his new skills on a board.  As far as the new disease goes, I've been hearing little by words about it, but haven't really understood what it was until now.  I'm not super worried here in Novaliches as our area here is pretty much all busy city, meaning a lot of pollution and not a whole lot of standing water.  Plus it's not rainy season, so since I've moved to this area I haven't gotten a single mosquito bite.  

     This past week in preparation for President Nelson coming to visit, in his program he submitted to our mission president, he asked for a musical number from the mission choir... Well up to that point we had never had a mission choir, so President Bertin was asking for volunteers and my companion wanted to sing and so I signed up to support him.  President said that it was only going to be a select few so I was kinda hoping I wouldn't make the cut as my voice is terrible and I've never really like singing in public.  So of course having that thought on my mind I'm sure the Lord inspired President Bertin and chose me and my companion to sing in a choir of 10 elders and 10 sisters in front of President Nelson and the entire mission.... The things I get myself into sometimes....  Well hopefully I don't make too big of a fool of myself, we had a short practice on Saturday and Sister Hulme (The Conductor) was trying to get myself and a couple other elders to harmonize and we couldn't pull it off so she said "You know the melody sounds good too, let's just go with that."  So I guess we shall see how things go.

     Elder Saludar and I during our last Leadership council were reminded of the importance of finding and having the faith to find new investigators.  So we reflected on our past performance with finding and realized that we had been living far below our potential and decided to get shifted into gear.  With all the member visits we had last week just trying to explore the area and figure out where things were, we decided to focus our tracting efforts there so that those that we found would have a member nearby to help befriend and to go to church with and so on.  We started having some decent success in our own efforts and it was fun to see as well that after we got done teaching the investigator we would make a short stop at the home of the members and let them know that they have an investigator living by them and to ask if they would be willing to introduce themselves and get to know them better.  It was awesome to see that there were a couple of members who upon seeing our finding efforts suddenly became more willing to refer us to their friends and other people they knew who we were also able to teach.  By the end of the week we had 11 new investigators and 5 of those 11 already have a baptismal date.  It was a cool little miracle for us considering that when we moved into the area, the area book only had 1 investigator listed with a baptismal date, and only 3 other investigators.  It definitely reminded me of the principle and power of faith in everything that we do.  If we are willing to do our part and press forward with faith in pursuing any righteous goal, then miracles happen.  

    For my person for the week, it is actually a family and that family is the Uera family.  They have been one of the ones that even after our first visit with them, they were ready to refer us to other people that they knew.  This past week they refered us to one of their neighbors and as soon as we got done teaching them, they had another friend who had dropped by to visit who we were able to sit down and teach as well.  They have really taken missionary work to heart and although the name tag isn't there, they are still doing there part and have been a great help to my companion and I this week.  

    Well that is about all I have for this week.  I hope you all are staying safe and things continue to go well this coming week.  I'll look forward again to writing next Monday.

Love you lots,
Elder Chayce Campbell

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