Monday, March 21, 2016


Hello Family,

   Well it sounds like everyone has been staying pretty busy this week, and has accomplished a lot of good things.  Also I guess I better say first off HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAYDEN!!!! (In 3 more days).  I won't be able to write to you then, so I'll say it a little early.  I hope you have a great birthday, and I am glad that you are excited and ready to receive the priesthood.  You will be able to do a lot of important things with that, and I hope you keep choosing the right, and stay worthy of it.  

    This week has had a couple challenges in it,  there was a elder who had just entered the field on March 9, but decided he wasn't capable of doing the work.  My companion and I made a couple of special visits to their apartment to give words of advice, and tried to help motivate and encourage him, but in the end he still decided he wanted to go home.  On Friday the day before he left, we stopped by one last time to show our love and support for him one last time.  My companion and I were reflecting on experiences from our mission and how much they had blessed our lives, and how much we had grown from who we were before up to this point.  He was told that if he felt more prepared in 3 months then he could come back, so we were encouraging him to make that decision when the time came, as it really was a decision that was not only going to affect him, but also his friends, family, and his future posterity. By the end of our discussion, I noticed his countenance had changed.  As we stood up to leave, tears filled his eyes and he jumped up and hugged us, and after that we were on out way out the door.  I'm not sure what will happen, but I certainly hope something was said there that allowed the spirit to touch him and make a difference.  
     As I have been reflecting on that experience this week, I've also been reflecting on how much my outlook and appreciation for coming on a mission has been.  One thing that I thought of before I came on my mission was that somehow or another I was going to be punished to some degree for dumb things I had done as a kid, and that between that and gaining a deeper understanding of the gospel and then sharing that with other people.  So all in all I already had in my head that yes a mission was not going to be easy.  That it was going to push me and it was going to be difficult.  Although I never really shied away from that fact as it hasn't been too often in my life that I've shied away from a bit of a challenge.  Although, my perspective of how my mission was going to be has changed dramatically.  All the challenges that I have faced in my mission I could never really consider punishment as I always learned so much and it always outweighed the downsides.  This really has been "The Lord's University" and probably the best way to learn 
1. How much our Heavenly Father loves us.
2. That He lives and has a plan for us and has provided a Savior to make that plan possible
3.  How to acquire strength from the atonement, to overcome problems and struggles.
4. To see Miracles happen as lives are touched and a mighty change of heart begins to spring forth in the hearts of those we teach.
5. To find out how important it is to share the gospel, and keep the commandments.
I could keep going on for going on for 100 more points, but I'm running short on time, so maybe I'll include some more in next weeks letter.  Basta the point is I've now been able to see why there is always such a big push for young men and young women to serve missions.  The lessons that are learned here and the joy and challenges that are experienced I'm pretty sure you can't easily find anywhere else.  I certainly know my life has been changed forever because I've come out and served a mission, and I can't begin to express how grateful I am because of all those that encouraged and helped me along the way. So I've come to the point where I would hate for anyone to miss out on such an opportunity, and so that is what I have to trying to push anyone and everyone I can to do so.

     Sorry I don't have time for a person of the week, I'll try to catch that next time as well, but all in all things are great here, the missionaries here have been doing great things, and it has been a great privileged to have the opportunity to serve them and the people here, and for anyone that I can back home as well.

Love you lots,
Elder Chayce Campbell

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