Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Seeing lots of blessing.

Hello Family,

     Well I guess that does explain a little more why Brother Bigelow emailed me this past week, after hearing your report of me. Well it was nice to hear from him, and Elder Bigelow and I used to email back and forth along with Elder Ard and Elder Vance, but things have kind of died down as I keep finding my letters and reports for the mission getting longer and longer, and my email time keeps getting shorter and shorter, so I don't always get around to replying, and I imagine at this point they may be experiencing the same thing, but it is always nice to hear from everyone.  I keep wanting to get around to writing a letter for the ward, but I always find myself short on time, so one of these days I'll get it.

     I can also relate with Katelyn about people being big into basketball.  Granted it's probably quite a bit different in the States, but every week on Monday, we get together with the High Priests and Elders Quorum and play basketball.  I have always found it pretty impressive that so many of the high priests (given that in general the high priests are younger here than they are back home) still can get pretty intense when they play ball.  Although I still can't make a shot to save my life...

     This week we came to the end of another cycle, and I was a little surprised that there will only be two elders transferring in our zone, although one area will be getting closed.  Elder Saludar and I get to stay together for another cycle, so this will be the longest time I've been with one companion, which is perfectly fine with me as we work pretty great together.  I don't know if I've mentioned it, but he is quite the historian.  One day I was talking with another American elder, and somehow we got on the topic of the Watergate issue with President Nixon.  Without either of us mentioning his name, my companion pipes in "Oh yea wasn't that when President Nixon said "I'm not a crook.""  I looked at him pretty amazed that he even knew things like that!

    The past week has been a pretty great week.  We have definitely been seeing a lot of blessings coming through after the last few weeks that have been pretty crazy.  With conference, the people that we baptized last last week weren't able to be confirmed, and so they were just confirmed this week in sacrament meeting.  It was pretty cool to see their glowing faces coming down from the stand and the smile on their faces as they walked down the isle.  We have also been blessed that 3 more of our investigators have gained a firmer testimony and are really set on being baptized, so we will be looking forward to their baptisms in the first couple weeks of May.  We have also been seeing a lot of miracles happening lately which have been a great blessing to be apart of and experience.

   Well that is about all I have for this week, although I'm looking forward to getting to skype you guys again on May 9th.  I guess we can start trying to figure out a time again.  If it fits in the schedule, I think what we have been doing in the past has worked great, with me calling around 10 or so for me, and then 7 or 8pm for you guys, but let me know.

Love you lots,
Elder Chayce Campbell

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