Monday, May 16, 2016

"If you build it, He will come"

Hello Family,
     Well I enjoyed our skype together even if it was a bit choppy.  It's always fun to hear your voices and see your faces and a bit weird to see how big Nicole, Brayden, and Holly are getting!  Strange how two years can go by so fast and seem so short, yet so much can change.  Although I'm glad to hear most everyone is ok and excited for summer vacation, hopefully Mom gets well soon. 
     This week there has certainly been a lot of temptations.  A few nights ago as I was laying down to go to bed, the window was open and the next door neighbor was watching the new Star wars movie... It was a bit of a struggle, but I put some cotton in my ears rolled over and went to sleep.  Then in one of our teaching appointments we walked in and they were watching the new Batman Vs. Superman... They invited us in, and after another struggle asked them if we could turn it off so we could teach.  Satan certainly knows some of my weakness (Batman and Star Wars) and he's certainly using it to his advantage, but he won't succeed. 
     Sorry I didn't get a change to email last week.  Like I said in our Skype we moved apartments on Monday, and so our schedule was already packed to the max as it was, and email didn't quite fit in so I guess I'll try and make up for two weeks.  On Saturday we had a baptism.  Sister Diana and Sister Deniez.  They are sisters who are the nieces of Sister Uera who's mother we just baptized last month.  So we have been little by little helping the whole Uera family come into the fold.  They have also been referring to us some of their neighbors, and so they have been a great blessing to us here in the Novaliches ward.  We were hoping to have another baptism on May 28, but school is getting ready to get started back up again in June here (They get out at the end of March).  And Sister Rona is going to college in Manila, so we have been trying to figure out her schedule. So things are still going great here in Novaliches.
    This week we had our zone training meeting, and We touched on a workshop given by the Assistants to the President about "Building the Zone of Dreams" with reference to the movie The Field of Dreams.  We discussed how as the man in the movie was prompted "If you build it, they will come" so the Assistants added a gospel twist to it and said "If you build it, He will come" with reference to Jesus Christ being the "He".  Elder Saludar and I then added our own view on to things and stated that once the Stadium was built it left a Legacy.  It was the Stadium were some of the best players came, where some of the most historical games were played, so we asked the rest of the zone what kind of Legacy they wanted to leave.  We encouraged everyone to work their hardest to leave something behind that would say "Wow! That was an awesome missionary."  We also addressed how many had complaints such as "The ward doesn't support us enough, the ward mission leader isn't doing his job, the people are hard headed etc."  We decided to open to the experience of Gideon in the Old Testament as we were reminded of the advice President Nelson gave when he came to our mission.  Although this time we didn't focus so much on how much Gideon's army was reduced from 32,000+ soldiers to 300 (Judges 7).  We decided to look at Gideon's reaction in Chapter 6.  In Judges 6:13, we have Gideon saying some similar things "if the Lord be with us, why then is all this befallen us? and where be all His miracles...?"  The Lord then replies, "Go in this thy might (reference to D&C 4:2), and thou shalt save Israel... have not I sent thee?"  This scripture really hit me as I read it during the workshop.  It was a good reminder to me that no matter how hard things may get, how impossible the odds, how high the mountain is, how rough the path of discipleship.  The Lord will not leave us.  "It's impossible to fail when you do your best when you are on the Lord's errand." Elder M. Russell Ballard.
    That's about all I have for this week.  I hope everyone has a great week this week, and I guess this week or next week is the last week of school, so I hope everyone enjoys it, and does well on whatever tests or things may be left.
Love you lots,
Elder Chayce Campbell

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