Monday, May 2, 2016

Lots of Miricles happening.

Hello Family,

     Glad to hear that everyone is feeling better and getting excited for the last month of school! That is also pretty weird to think that it's only been your second time mowing the lawn and it's already May! I guess I've been away too long and forgotten how weird the weather is there.  It's still been in the 100's this week and has rained a couple times which just makes the humidity sky rocket.  Although we have been having a lot of success this week, so we haven't been paying too much attention to the weather.

     This week Elder Saludar and I have been seeing a lot of miracles happening within our ward and also a lot of good things happening in the zone.  Over the past few months we have been working out a lot of different problems within the zone, but it seems like most of it is behind us now and we have been enjoying a time of joy and blessings.  Granted we are still preparing ourselves for what ever challenges may lay ahead whenever they may come.  In the meantime we have been teaching a couple in the ward for some time now, the husband has been less active for some time now, and the wife has confessed that on times she has thought of finding someone else.  This was a bit heartbreaking for us at first as they had been sealed in the temple and with divorce laws being rather difficult here in the Philippines in would have been an extreme headache on multiple levels and possibly ended in a lot of lost blessings.  When the husband started finding out that she had been having thoughts like that and was planning on leaving for a few months on vacation to her province with just her and a few of their kids, the husband started thinking the worst and even began having suicidal thoughts.  So we have been working with the bishop and them for the past several weeks and teaching them as much as occasion permits.  This past week during one of our lessons as we were reading about Lehi's dream and the tree of life.  The mother of the family suddenly opened up and said, "I'm now realizing that it's really bad to become idle or stable in the gospel."  She said that there became a time where she thought she was doing all the right things and knew everything she needed to and didn't realize that she had stopped her progression and was starting to slip the other direction.  This past Sunday they both attended church with smiles on the faces and much brighter countenances than they had before, and it was an awesome sight to see.

     Also and update with our Investigator who read the Book of Mormon in less than a day, as far as we still know he really is an investigator.  During Sunday he stood up and bore his testimony about the book of Mormon and shared a passage from Mosiah 18 about how when the people had heard the words of Alma they believed and had a change of heart and desired to be baptized.  He stated that he was experiencing the same feelings and invited everyone while he was at the pulpit to his baptism.  After church we taught him almost all of lesson 4 (The commandments such as law of chastity, tithing, prayer etc.) in just one sitting! He did however bring up that he has been in a relationship with another man for about 2 years and he said he was going to need to time to get things sorted out there.  He then texted us just a little while ago saying that they had separated. He has been a lot of fun to teach, and will leave a lasting memory.

    So this week has had a lot of ups and we've been enjoying the time while it lasts.  This week we have zone interviews again so we will get to have a chance to learn and grow even more and continue to accomplish the things that the Lord would have us do.  I hope you all have a great week, and I'll look forward to getting on skype on Monday here at 10am, hopefully I can find a decent place to skype from.

Love you lots,
Elder Chayce Campbell

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