Tuesday, May 31, 2016

New companion

Hello family,
     Well it sounds like everyone had a good last week of school, and I hope your travels to Australia are safe and yes I will pray that Dad can make it there and back without being incapacitated by pain from sitting in coach for those long flights or the treks through the jungle or what ever else you have planned.
     I apologize in advance as I forgot to mention that this week I would be emailing on Tuesday as transfer announcements were yesterday.  I'm staying here in Novaliches and this will probably be my last area.  My new companion will be Elder Picar who is from the Bicol region of the Philippines. I'll definitely miss Elder Saludar as we had a lot of good times during the past 3 cycles together.  We made a lot of memories, worked hard, and overcame a few big obstacles together.  My new companion I met in my last area and he is also kind of a funny guy, from what I understood of him he was a body builder before and so he knows a lot of good exercises, so who knows maybe he can motivate me so I can go home looking like "The Rock"..... (insert sharp sarcasm here).  Either way I think we will have a good time together and hopefully be able to keep raising the bar (not just the bench press bar).
    This week we had another baptism for Sister Rona Mendez.  We originally didn't have her planned to be baptized as she was still figuring out her schedule with school as she has been going to college in Manila with another member in our ward who has been her close friend.   On Monday we decided to pay a visit her friends family and she was there as well.  We taught a lesson and then asked what her plan was for her baptism.  She thought for a second and stated that she wasn't sure if she knew enough.  So we reviewed the baptismal interview questions with her and she knew them all.  Afterward she agreed and she was interviewed for real the next day.  It has been interesting to here her story of how her family has never been very close.  Her father left them, and her mother basically let her kids go and do whatever and so each one kind of went their separate ways.  So when Rona met her friend who is a member of our ward she began inviting her to church volleyball games and even got her to attend institute.  She then become friends with the rest of her friends family and they in a way kind of became apart of their family.  So Rona has been investigating the church for over a year now and has kept having reservations and other things, but was finally willing to be baptized last week.  It was cool to see another example of just how big of a help Christlike kindness and service from members and reaching out to others can help people come to know the joys of the gospel.  Rona said that she was very impressed of just how family centered the gospel really is and she could see it effecting the Ripo family who she was staying with. 
    I had an interesting discussion this week that I thought I might share.  A certain missionary kept trying to make the point to me that it was okay if he was disobedient because he knows how to fix it, through repentance.  He kept saying it was easy because he knew whatever he did he could eventually fix it.  He kept saying that he wanted to experience different things and that would give him the wisdom and knowledge to be able to tell others some day.  I decided to share a story with him.  Strangely enough one of the most deadly animals here in the Philippines are Dogs.  Why? Because animal control is basically non existent here and they just keep multiplying and eating whatever they find and the majority of them develop rabbis. So I told him there was a man walking down a alleyway.  Sitting in the middle of the road there was a dog.  Now the man had to make a choice whether he would keep walking and just hope that the dog wouldn't notice him, or change his route and find a better and safer way.  He decided that the dog probably wouldn't do anything and that he could make it safely past without anything happening.  As he approached the dog got angry and ran over and bit him.  Luckily for him just around the corner was a medical clinic where he could be injected to treat the rabbis.  A few weeks past and the man found himself walking down the same alleyway with the same dog.  He recalled what happened last time, but thought well maybe the dog is in a better mood today and won't bite.  He kept walking and was bitten again and went to the same medical clinic to be treated.  So luckily for the man there was a medical clinic nearby that could treat him, but the man could have saved himself a lot of pain and possible death had he avoided the dog in the first place.  He knew that the dog probably had rabbis, he knew there was another way, but he chose, in a sense,  "The easier wrong, than the harder right."  So sometimes in our life we are in a similar situation.  There comes temptation to walk down the alley, that enticing that "The dog won't bite" sin being the dog.  Luckily for us there is the Atonement, and there is Repentance for when we do get bit, but it would be much easier and much better if we could rely on our knowledge of what punishment sin brings and learn from others mistakes than experiencing it for ourselves.  Also it is not the best idea to keep returning to the same sin over and over again as it's still going to have the same effect and only bring more pain.  After this elder looked at me apologized and said, "I'd never thought of it like that before, but I get it now."  Later that night as I was reflecting on what happened and I was brought to a remembrance  of Elder Boyd K. Packers talk about Spiritual Crocodiles and I was glad the spirit was there to give another interesting version of that great talk.
Well that's about all I have for now, next week I believe we have Temple P-day so I will be emailing on Wednesday, so wherever you are at in the world at that time, I guess good luck and have fun. 
Love you lots,
Elder Chayce Campbell

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