Monday, June 13, 2016

200 Baptisms for Christmas goal!

Hello Family,
    Well it is good to hear that everyone made it back safe and sound from a nice long trip.  It sure does sound like it was pretty fun though although I can only imagine how tired everyone must have been.  I guess I'll look forward to hearing more stories and seeing more pictures when I get back.
   So yes I'm sorry if I didn't make that clear in my last letter, but the X-Ray is mandatory before a missionary goes home to check for TB and other signs of health problems.  So in case that they see anything they can try and get them treated so that they can still go home on time, or so that they don't go home carrying something like that.  So far I haven't heard anything further which is a good thing as they usually only call when something is wrong.  So for now I guess I'm in the clear.  Although I had heard from some other missionaries and RMs that you usually get sick after the X-Ray, they said it's a sign that you're getting ready to go home.  They said it usually involves headaches, nausea, and sometimes stomach pain.  I didn't believe it at first, but sure enough on Thursday night I started feeling crummy and on Friday I was feeling weak, nauseated, had a headache, and was having LBMs.  Since then I'm almost back up to 100% but still having headaches, but nothing serious.
   On Sunday, my companion and I along with the two zone leaders in the neighboring zone were able to attend the Stake PEC meeting and we talked about the plan that our mission has for having a "White Christmas" now I know it's not even July yet, but we've already been planning for Christmas.  Our entire mission wants to baptize 200 people on December 10, 2016.  Although we don't want to hinder the progress of others who are already for baptisms, so baptisms will still continue like regular, but on that day we are pushing for 200.  So we met with our Stake leaders and the bishops within the Stake to discuss some suggestions that we had come up with to achieve our goal.  When we were presenting our plan the Stake Presidency seemed pretty happy and excited about it, although the bishops were mainly silent although there were a few that were looking up and smiling.  It's always been a little bit of a challenge to find the best way sometimes to work with bishops here as obviously we understand that there is a lot of weight to their calling and they sacrifice a lot of time doing what they do, also with the church still fairly young in the Philippines both in the amount of time it has been here, and the average age of leadership here.  But we did our best to show them that we were enthusiastic and ready to work hard, but we were still going to need a little bit of their help as well.  So hopefully things go well, and even though I may not be around to see the end product, I'll still be fairly happy to hear what results from the fruits of our labors. 
  This week we are getting ready for Zone Conference again, and my companion is a bit nervous about speaking English in front of that many people.  I keep assuring him that he'll do fine.  This will be the last Zone Conference that I attend as next cycle it will be zone interviews.  With zone interviews being next cycle I might ask then or maybe before what some options for attending a church school, or if there are any scholarships that President Bertin knows about that I should be chasing when I get back as I really want to avoid loans as much as possible.  With me getting back in August, I'm not sure if I can make it in before school starts up again, so I'll probably be looking for work, I'm not sure if Brother Stole has any work available and would hire me back on, as from what I remember one they start going into winter they start cutting down on manpower as well, or whether there are any other good options available as far as that goes.  So I guess you can kind of keep your eyes and ears open for anything like that.
   Well that's about it for this week,  I'm a little short and don't have enough time to write about a person, so I'll try to get one in next week.  Hope everyone recovers ok from all the traveling and stays healthy.
Love you lots,
Elder Chayce Campbell

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