Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Baptisms scheduled for June 25

Hello Family,

   Well certainly looks like a lot of fun, and I can only imagine how tired everyone was those first few days.  I remember my first few days at the MTC trying to adjust to the time zone was quite the pain, especially when I kept waking up at 3 or 4 AM and not being able to fall back asleep very easily.  I'm glad though that everyone was able to adjust alright and have been having a good time.  

   Last Wednesday we had transfers and I have been having a great time with my new companion Elder Picar.  He has been fun to be around as he can be a bit of a joker as well.  So it's hard not to keep a smile on my face when working with him.  He has an interesting background as well.  His parents were Islam and they both started disliking all the violence and culture and everything else that was going on around them so they both His mother and father went in to hiding and then got married without either of their families knowing. (Which I think you all know is a big no-no in islamic culture.)  So they lived that way for several years and were fine until they were found out first by his mothers side of the family, who were upset but eventually let it go.  They were then found later by his fathers side of the family and they were really upset.  To make a long story short his mothers side of the family won the "dispute" and worked as their protectors for a time.  They eventually were visited by missionaries and baptized and now he and 2 of his sisters are serving/served missions.  Although 2 of his older brothers kept their religion.  So it has been really interesting to hear some of his stories and to get a little more view into the lifestyle of Muslims.  

   Today we just got back from the Temple and it was a great session.  They also had me go in while I was there close to the Area Office to have my exit X-Rays done.  They did a chest X-Ray to check for Tuberculosis and as I was hugging the machine and the nurse took the X-ray, I looked back and saw the nurse lean back in her chair with a surprised look on her face, and I thought, "Oh no! There must be something messed up with my lungs."  She then looked up at me and said "Wow! you have some pretty big lungs, they don't fit on the screen!"  We both laughed and she told me that it was okay as they usually only pay attention to the top part anyway.  So my companion quick on the gun with the jokes piped in, "Well now you have a new pick-up line when you go home, 'Hey I might not have the biggest heart, but I sure have some big lungs...";  Yeaaa... Probably not going to use that one.

  Well I did receive the two packages you sent and I'm loving the candy and jerky and so is Elder Picar.  He says thank you so much, and that he is going to write a thank you letter that I'll either take home with me, or mail it and see if I beat it home.  Things have been going great this week so far in Novaliches.  Our next planned baptisms are for June 25 so hopefully those go through as well.

   That is about all I have for this week.  Just a side note as well my camera is pretty muched pooped out (The Sony Cyber Shot).  It has been quite the trooper so far, but lately the speaker blew out, the still shot has stopped working correctly and leaves a bunch of white lines whenever I take a picture, and has errors popping up frequently, So I think I'll just buy something that will last me the last little leg of my mission.  I've seen some decent Canon Powershot for a little over 3000 pesos which is about $70, or if I find anything else better for around the price range.  So just incase you see a withdrawal on my account, that is what it is for.

   I hope everyone stays happy and healthy and everyone makes it home safe.

Love you lots,
Elder Chayce Campbell

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