Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Title of Liberty

Hello Family,

    I hope everyone is doing better now adjusting back to the time zone back home.  I myself have been a little curious if it is going to be as bad coming back as it was coming here... I certainly hope not, but I guess come what may and love it.  I also hope that everyone has fun at Lagoon this week, the new ride looks pretty cool!

    This past week we had a successful zone conference and my companion survived his first workshop in English.  He was pretty nervous before hand and now he's just glad that it will be another few weeks before we have to give another workshop.  Zone conference was pretty exciting as the mission is now pushing to have baptisms WEEKLY.  There is another mission here in the Philippines that has been having a lot of success using a 4 month calendar and scheduling and listing people to be baptized every week.  So we are adopting the idea as well and although it will take some time to adjust, I think it will be great.  So in order to do that, all of our standards have been raised and we are going to really push ourselves to hasten the work.  To help commit ourselves, we all signed a banner, similar to what Moroni did with the Title of Liberty, to help us commit to the cause.

    Elder Picar and I also attended the Ward PEC Meeting and the Ward Council meeting to discuss with them what our plans were for the White Christmas.  We tried to stress the fact that members play a huge role in having successful missionary work.  Since I have been here in Novaliches, we have not been able to baptize anyone that we have found through our own efforts.  Somewhere along the line, we always seem to hit a wall with them, usually because they don't have a friend or someone they can ask questions too or can relate better with them.  When members give us referrals, whether they are friends or family, the success rate jumps a huge amount.  

    My person for this week would probably be Jared Boysillo.  He has just recently turned 18 and is getting ready to send in his papers to receive his call to be a missionary.  His story has been an interesting one, and it has been awesome to see how even though he has gone down some wrong paths during his adolescence, but how the influence of friends and leaders in the church have helped him turn around and has now decided to serve a mission.  For the past few weeks he has been working with us and on a couple of different occasions we have been on splits together.  I have been admiring him as I also made some dumb mistakes and wrong decisions, but I am also very grateful you and for the leaders that I had and other examples in my life that helped me to have the desire to serve.  As I would say I am eternally grateful for the things I have learned on my mission and for the opportunity that it has been to grow.  In fact if there is one thing I would like to say to any of the youth when I get home is that if anyone has any doubts about serving a mission, or whether they think they have a better plan lined out.  They should drop it and serve a mission.   If they have a girlfriend, if she is really the right one, she will wait.  If there are plans for college, if it is the right choice it will still be there, if not, there will be more opportunities available when they get back.  If it is work, they will learn so much more that will make them a better man for the job.  Even I can't fully comprehend all the blessings that come from full-time missionary service, but I've been blessed with a few glimpses.  Not including the great joy that comes from seeing people accept the gospel and the happiness and peace that it brings to their lives.  Jared has a lot of opportunities, he is an awesome basketball player, and is fairly bright.  He had a girlfriend, but he has been willing to put it all off and go and serve the Lord.

   Well that about sums it up for me this week.  I hope everyone has a safe and fun week.  

Love you lots,

Elder Chayce Campbell

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